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File: rNamePlates (Diablo)01-24-15
Nice. Well. I have a Github account...
Posted By: zork
Nice. Well. I have a Github account. I just don't need it.
File: rActionBarStyler01-24-15
I will look into it if I get back h...
Posted By: zork
I will look into it if I get back home.
File: rActionBarStyler01-22-15
First things first. MultiBarBott...
Posted By: zork
First things first. MultiBarBottomLeft -> bar2.lua MultiBarBottomRight -> bar3.lua MultiBarRight -> bar4.lua MultiBarLeft -> bar5.lua So according to your description you want to disable MultiBarRight. Open the config.lua. Scroll to bar4. Since you do not want to use that bar you can disable the addon for that bar by sett...
File: rNamePlates (Diablo)01-21-15
Right there where it says "tank mod...
Posted By: zork
Right there where it says "tank mode". Either change the color that is defined in RGB (0,1,0) = GREEN or disable the condition.
File: rNamePlates (Diablo)01-20-15
@furbolgi If adds have no threat t...
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@furbolgi If adds have no threat table (which is possible) there will be no threat glow. @emy Nameplates are colored by faction. If you fight an npc and have threat it will turn on tank mode. The colors match the faction table. Btw I...
File: rNamePlates (Diablo)01-19-15
Re: percent hp
Posted By: zork
Currently there is no health string and no function that updates such a string. You need to add it yourself.
File: rNamePlates (Diablo)01-18-15
Nameplates are threat or faction co...
Posted By: zork
Nameplates are threat or faction colored. Additionally the color is multiplied with your texture color. Maybe your textures differ. Or you have threat on the nameplate but not on the target frame. Or what may make the color look wierd is the highlight frame. That is a highlight texture on top of the nameplate. You can try to disab...
File: rNamePlates (Diablo)01-14-15
No your solution sounds like the co...
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No your solution sounds like the correct one. WoW was first developed with 1024x768 pixels in mind. Check and Pixel perfection is kind of an complicated topic if you want to add it afterwards since you ne...
File: rNamePlates (Diablo)01-13-15
No that's awesome. I want people to...
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No that's awesome. I want people to write their own additions and get into making their own stuff. Regarding the backdrop. If a gradient would be ok you could use the backdrop I use here: For pixel perfect frames you need to first make sure your UIScale supports p...
File: Roth UI (Diablo)01-12-15
Re: Loadable profiles/addon resetting
Posted By: zork
@galaxy Profiles are not intended. That the game client crashes on a Lua error sounds totally wierd. It never did that prior to WoD. The game got slightly more unstable that's for sure. And those macro/keybind/layout wipes never happened before either. If you disable oUF_Diablo you will reset the layout-local.txt settings. (Posit...
File: rFilter301-10-15
rFilter3 does not support GetItemCo...
Posted By: zork
rFilter3 does not support GetItemCooldown. Sorry.
File: Roth UI (Diablo)01-10-15
Thanks Galaxy. Currnetly leveling a...
Posted By: zork
Thanks Galaxy. Currnetly leveling a druid. That may come in handy later. :)
File: rNamePlates (Diablo)01-09-15
If you haven't screwed up the namep...
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If you haven't screwed up the nameplate position to much you can actually click the nameplate. By the new nameplate is exactly on top of the old one.
File: rChat01-07-15
That is already available. Go to yo...
Posted By: zork
That is already available. Go to your WTF/SERVER/CHARACTER folder. Search for "chat-cache.txt". Copy it to any other character folder char you like. (Make sure to do that while your WoW is closed)
File: Roth UI (Diablo)01-05-15
@Genetic Styles The shadow orb dis...
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@Genetic Styles The shadow orb display received an update in version 60000.04. Not sure if you are having that update already. Open this file: Make sure the maxOrb value is set to 5. But maybe sth still isn't working right. Maybe the PTR allows...
File: rActionButtonStyler01-05-15
@EKE Yeah you can do that but only...
Posted By: zork
@EKE Yeah you can do that but only by hacking the specific lua files. (bar4.lua etc.) You need to do that in rActionBarStyler.
File: Roth UI (Diablo)12-30-14
Re: Bottom bars
Posted By: zork
Of course only 2 bottom bars are possible. Just play around with the interface actionbar checkboxes. Disable them all. Enable them one by one. Keep what you like.
File: Roth UI (Diablo)12-29-14
If you are still using rQuestWatchF...
Posted By: zork
If you are still using rQuestWatchFrameMover delete that. That mod is removed.
File: oUF_Diablo12-28-14
Re: Diablo Unit Frame without Orbs
Posted By: zork
Sas did this some time ago.
File: rNamePlates (Diablo)12-28-14
@furbolgi Yeah the nameplate healt...
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@furbolgi Yeah the nameplate healthbar color function was not throttled. A new version will do that. Decided to add faction based coloring aswell if no threat state is found on the nameplate. But higher CPU usage is normal. I hook castbar and healthbar OnValueChanged functions...
File: rNamePlates (Diablo)12-25-14
I need time till the weekend until...
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I need time till the weekend until I can spend some time on coding. Want to test my nameplate changes. *edit* Nameplate changes are active. See changelog.
File: rNamePlates (Diablo)12-23-14
The default behaviour of nameplates...
Posted By: zork
The default behaviour of nameplates is to fade all nameplates but the one you are targeting. The lua file has an option to change the opacity value of those frames. But you reminded me of a bug with the default nameplates that is visible on...
File: Roth UI (Diablo)12-22-14
You can hook the PostUpdate functio...
Posted By: zork
You can hook the PostUpdate function on the health/power frame and debug it. (print event, timestamp etc.)
File: Roth UI (Diablo)12-22-14
Re: Redraw an actionbar
Posted By: zork
@dumkie You would need to redraw the actionbar textures aswell. rActionBarStyler is not flexible enough to do such a thing with ease. Dominos would be way better for sth like this. @Galaxy The Roth UI raid frames are not made for healing. Thus AuraWatch is only implemented as an example that can be expanded to other classes at w...
File: Roth UI (Diablo)12-18-14
Re: Frequent Update for non-player unitsframes?
Posted By: zork
@Galaxy Target health. Make this become this self.Health.Smooth = false self.Health.frequentUpdates = true Target power. Make this become this...