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File: Fizzwidget Levelator08-11-09
Small request.
Posted By: TheChiaroscurist
Great addon, I don't get any of the strange conflicts from this addon that I did with it's two (atleast that I know of) competitors. One small request though... just a minor thing that bugs the snot out of me.... would it be possible to add a space between the level and the text. Turning it from "Text" to " Text". (I have a small mo...
File: Levelland08-07-09
Same issue.
Posted By: TheChiaroscurist
I aswell am having the same issue with the grotesque amount of spam Level Display is pumping out when-ever I mouse over anything (bag, bar, profession windows, etc). And after extensive testing, I concluded it's a conflict with ArkInventory (just as Shdwphnx had commented).
File: RedRange08-19-08
Posted By: TheChiaroscurist
I love this addon, makes being a Priest alot easier in alot of ways... unfortunatly, it just uses up too much CPU.
File: zBar208-06-08
Casting Bar?
Posted By: TheChiaroscurist
Am I the only one that cannot make any changes to the casting bar except moving it? can't lock it.. scale it... or anything. Other than that, it works perfectly.
File: Gatherer07-24-08
Posted By: TheChiaroscurist
Howdy. Tuesday night Gatherer broke on me. Everytime I looted anything from a corpse I kept getting a message about a specific copper node being "nile" or something or other. I didn't think to write it down. So, I disabled it for a couple of days, then re-enabled it. But now it's completely stopped working. It shows in my addon...