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File: FreeUI 04-01-18
WA Mystery Border
Posted By: Foojeezy
Hi First off thanks for working on this project for us! Alright the only issue I have is with some WAs getting thin black borders around texts. https://puu.sh/zTJ5h/53dfd2522e.png Such as that, they are only being placed on text WAs that have custom code. This is the WA group. https://wago.io/HyTFFBSV- For now I can...
File: Altz UI for Legion03-15-17
No castbar friendly nameplate
Posted By: Foojeezy
How can I disable castbars on friendly nameplates? Has anyone tried to do this?
File: Altz UI for Legion03-11-17
Frost DK
Posted By: Foojeezy
Hi I use your UI for my rogue and frost DK. My rogue the spell icon cooldown works fine, but on my frost DK I only have Unholy DK spells flashing, stuff like Scourge Strike that are not a shared spell between specs.
File: Altz UI for Legion02-14-17
Number Mode - Friendly
Posted By: Foojeezy
How can I turn off the actual numbers for my friendly players but keep their colored name up? I don't want bar mode, but number mode with no number lol.
File: EKPlates02-05-17
Use with Altz?
Posted By: Foojeezy
Hey! I have Altz UI installed, do I need to have this installed along side to get the boss mode? And if so, is it as simple as installing the addon and its good to go? or do I need to turn on boss mode in the config.lua
File: Altz UI for Legion02-05-17
Name & Bar Plates
Posted By: Foojeezy
Hey, I just came over from KuiNP and I had a quick question. In that AddOn you can have your friendly nameplates as name bars, and enemies as health bars. Currently when you turn off numeric and switch to health bars, you lose the name unitplates for friendlies. Thanks for the great suite! It looks really good and I look forwa...