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File: oUF Phanx02-08-18
15x oUF\elements\auras-Auras.lua:20...
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15x oUF\elements\auras-Auras.lua:203: attempt to index local 'color' (a nil value) oUF\elements\auras-Auras.lua:203: in function oUF\elements\auras-Auras.lua:279: in function oUF\elements\auras-Auras.lua:429: in function `func' oUF\events.lua:50: in function
File: ls: UI02-04-18
what does "Dispellable Debuff Icons...
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what does "Dispellable Debuff Icons" do, the preview button shows Target markers, but i'm not sure what it does. do you have the option to highlight dispellable buffs/debuffs? if not, would you consider adding oUF_Dispelable?
File: ls: UI09-21-17
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with the new crucible added, peoples ilevel seem to be off highlighting them perhaps hardcode +15 ?
File: ls: UI09-03-17
with the bag icon that opens the ba...
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with the bag icon that opens the bags you have: ToggleAllBags() however for those that use bag addons, clicking the bag icon again wont close the bag window, so I instead use: ToggleBag(0)
File: ls: UI08-31-17
not trying to be rude here, but i t...
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not trying to be rude here, but i think you should ditch the idea of nameplates unless you do it properly and add the features that are necessary in a successful nameplate addon(NamePlateKAI and KuiNameplates are two community favorites) I think most people would just end up disabling it, i see alot of peoples screenshots where they...
File: ls: UI06-11-17
some ideas food for thought with th...
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some ideas food for thought with the new rectangle look. progress bars instead of icons for auras above the player/targetframe(similar to ElvUI) but i doubt you would go down this road) or incorporate LynUI's castbar option directly into the healthbar as mentioned several posts back, you'd lose the castbar icon, but you could put...
File: ls: UI05-09-17
[email protected] here: so addon i'...
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[email protected] here: so addon i'm using for ilevel is CloudyUnitInfo http://imgur.com/RG4uDt1 After further testing it seems the two addons conflict with each other, if i disable either one it seems to report the correct value. my bad, i'll delete the overlapping addon.
File: EKPlates02-05-17
2 questions, how do i hide pets/...
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2 questions, how do i hide pets/guardians in barmode? this is unchecked in the blizzard options, but still shows. how do i add "execute" coloring?