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Shadows of Argus (7.3.0)
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nUI : Plugin [!KalielsTracker]  New this week!

by: Xrystal [More]

What it Does
This addon tells nUI key information from !KalielsTracker addon that is available and enables nUI to fit the addon into it's screen space. Users can now move !KalielsTracker using the nUI mover system. By default it will position in the center of the screen.

!KalielsTracker was reported as not being compatible with nUI ( or vice versa of course ). After a bit of a playabout I managed to find a quick way to incorporate a more flexible stance on what frames nUI handles. This will hopefully open up more options down the line such as different mini map options ( although in that case we don't want it to move, just be used instead of... )

Seeing as the main problem here is that nUI needs to move the objective tracker from under the minimap before moving the minimap the first step is to tell nUI what is the name of the objective tracker we are using ... bingo errors gone but no movability.

The next step was to tell the mover system that there is another set of frames that nUI doesn't know about that we want to be able to move .. the birth of a new table .. nUI_ReplacedFrames. This table is indexed on the frame originally created by blizzard ( or a generic name if a blizzard one doesn't exist ). The contents of the table includes the mover information as required that nUI's new ReplacedFrames mover code looks at to trigger the mover functionality for those frames.

This addon needs nUI version to be installed to work as the new functionality in nUI was added in that version that allows this plugin system to work.

It will be up to the user to only use one addon that has this feature as there can only be ( for example ) one objective tracker replacement.

!KalielsTracker has a button frame for the quest icons that is linked but not parented to the objective tracker frame. Despite attempts to automatically move these buttons it appears that it currently is not possible to move it. The code is left in however, on the off chance that sometime down the line it works.

New Addon to inform nUI how to incorporate !KalielsTracker Objective Tracker replacement.

nUI can now use the /nui movers system to move the main tracker frame. However, it doesn't
automatically move the attached button frame for some reason but a reload will correct it.

Make sure that you use the anchor options in the !KalielsTracker addon options to place the buttons on the correct side of the frame for your planned main frame position.
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