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MOG: UI  Updated less than 3 days ago!

Version: 3.2
by: Bmw309894 [More]

Here is a quick VIDEO to show how to install MOGUI 3.0+


MOGUI is a project of my own design using ElvUI as the base program for simple and easy customization. It is made for all classes and roles with the idea in mind that a UI doesn't have to be over the top to be usable. Sometimes, simple is best.


Required Addons:
-ElvUI - Acquired from the www.tukui.org website
-AddOnSkins - Acquired from the www.tukui.org website
-Raven - Can get it from Curse Client
-xCT+ - Can get it from the Curse Client or the www.tukui.org website
-XIV Databar - Can get it from Curse Client but be sure to get the one by Mikeprod

Recommended Addons:
-DBM (Deadly Boss Mods) - Can get from Curse Client
-BigWigs - Can get from Curse Client

(Pick One)
-Details - Can get it from Curse Client
-Skada - Can get it from Curse Client


Go through and complete the original ElvUI Installer and then you literally follow the steps of the MOGUI installer to ensure your UI is installed correctly.

The command /mogui will also bring up the installer in case you delete a profile or close the installer. There is also a button within the ElvUI menus to bring up the installer.


The installer will create two different profiles for you to use. The first is a Dps/Tank layout (MOGDPS) and the other is a Healer layout (MOGHEALS). I highly recommend enabling the Spec Based Profiles under Profiles in ElvUI and choosing the Healer layout for your healer specializations. It will then move everything accordingly without having to reload the UI or anything too crazy.


Enjoy the UI and please make me aware of any bugs by posting on wowinterface, tukui, or curse. You can also email bugs to me at [email protected] I am committed to helping anyone fix their problems as long as it is in my power to do it. Thanks again for the support of MOGUI and good luck out there!


Elv, Tukz, Gallahead, Dandruff, MilkeProd, Tojaso, Tonyleila, Mave 99, Zarnivoop, Cladhaire, Azilroka, Nibelheim, Darth Predator, Blazeflack, Merathilis, and Simpy. and the entire ElvUI Community who puts forth amazing effort to make this game a success by showcasing some amazing talent.

Version 3.2
-Fixed AddOnSkins profile system to set the appropriate settings based on the damage meter chosen. (if you changed damage meters you will need to run the installer AddOnSkins again)
-Fixed Arena and Boss Frames castbar placement. It was cover up the name of the frames below on cast.
-Big News! I have hit over 1500 downloads in under 2 weeks time and so I decided to step up the game a little and added functionability for larger resolutions (though I cannot say it will work for everyone but I've tested it out on a few resolutions larger that 1920x1080)
-Turned off heal prediction until I can figure out what color I would like the bar to show because it hides the health of the player underneath it. I am working on the debuffs as we speak.

Version 3.11
-Right Chat frame was ending up where it should not have been so that has been fixed
-Pet Name/Health were either not showing or were but not properly. It has been addressed in both layouts.
-Hopefully the last update for a minute.

Version 3.1
-Noticed my license was wrong so I fixed it.
-Added the codes to remove any/all minimap icons (except details because that is annoying to code)
-Somehow Raven was filtering all the raid buffs so I changed that as well.

Version 3.0
-Due to the demand of the UI I have quickly thrown together a much more usable install module for the profiles, as well as included a button within the menus to install in case of issues.
-Added many new texts to player, target, party, raid, boss frames.
-Also added colored text to the buffs/debuffs as well as optimized their layout
-Adjusted the layout of the healing/dps frames to better accommodate the player
-Adjusted the overall layout of the UI to feel much smoother and clean.
-Added a few custom textures to the UI (all the bars and backdrops)
-General Bug Fixes and I cannot recall if I did anything else to the UI.

Version 2.1
-I optimized the profile management system. There were still a few bugs involved.
-Added Support for BigWigs
-Added a Profile back for Skada just in case you prefer this over Details.
-Made a few small tweaks to raid frames, and xct+ combat text to better accommodate the Bigwigs Frames

Version 2.0
-I would not jump to 2.0 unless I didn't make some big changes so here we go.
-Added a better profile management system so you won't have about 5,000 profiles (unfortunately you will have to reinstall but just this one time, as far as I know)
-Added a better profile management system to Raven so that when I release updates you just have to run the installer and go to addons and click Raven to update the settings (I think I have everything I want but you never know)
-Made all spells/buffs visible on target frames due to not being able to see anything except spells that were cast by you, that included mounts as well.
-Resized the Healing Frames for all party sizes. The raid frames espcially were a little small so that has been fixed
-Enabled the buff indicators for all party sizes. I forget I had it disabled for testing at some point and didn't turn them back on.
-Removed skada as the default dps meter. It is out of date/behind in terms of power so I added Details instead and made a profile for it.

!! I will soon be added in install/config menu from within the ElvUI setting themselves for ease of access !!

Version 1.2
-I could not decide on colors so I just left everything a light black/sleek color. If you want to have class colored things feel free to change them, it just wasn't my thing :D
-Fixed some Raven issues with not showing some buffs (they were blackslisted for some reason)
-Added Details as the main dps Meter and made a profile for it (it took forever to code the thing)
-Added a few QoL changes to the setup but that means that AddOnSkins is absolutely required unless you want to mess with settings in DBM and details by yourself.
-Thanks for the early support. I aim to put out a quality product so if you have questions, please ask. Thanks!

Version 1.1
- I didn't really care for how I had the buffs as bars. They took up a lot of the screen so that has been changed.
- I've also readjusted the size, colors, and layout of the entire UI (more the healing frames than anything).
- Lastly, I added global to fade to your action bars when out of combat so they will be less visible until you get in to combat or select a target.
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I wanted to know if you can think of the possibility to change the skin of elvui/texture for the Heal MOGUI profile too hard to see when people lost some HP :/

Thanks you
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Originally Posted by Namica
Really nice, thanks <3
Thanks! I have been working hard to make it great
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Really nice, thanks <3
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