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Tomb of Sargeras (7.2.0)
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FabUI - a Classic RPG UI

Version: 1.02
by: Aedan [More]

Welcome to FabUI - A Classic RPG UI!

The intention with this UI is to recreate the feeling of nostalgia from the Classic RPG titles, such as Neverwinter Nights, Pillars of Eternity and similar games. The core idea around this UI is to integrate gorgeous 2D character portraits into the UI of WoW, and to include beautiful artwork for frames and other UI elements, giving it that old school RPG feel.

I do not own any art from this package. Some elements here are from LeafUI and Goldpaws Actionbar texture from Masque. You can find these awesome addons here:


Please note that I am no way an expert on this, so you will have to look into some functionalities on your own. I will try to help if I can, in the comments section.


- You must be able to edit tga. picture files in a picture editor, such as GIMP or Photoshop
- It helps knowing the basics of weakauras, though I will guide you to the best of my ability in here


1 - Download the UI from WoWInterface.
2 - Back up your current Interface and WTF folder
3 - Extract the Interface and WTF folder for FabUI to your WoW folder
4 - Rename the folders in the WTF folder to the correct titles for your own account name, server name and character name.


1 - Go to C:\Program Files (x86)\World of Warcraft\Interface\AddOns\Portraits (or the similar place if your root is different)
2 - Open the file "Portrait_Default" with your picture editor
3 - Copy and paste your desired portrait on top of the existing placeholder. The portrait area is 112x159.
A GIMP template file has been included for convenience. If you use this, you will notice two layers. Make sure the layer "Art" is the top layer after you have pasted your portrait.
4 - Export and save the portrait as a tga. file. DO NOT CHANGE THE DIMENSIONS! If you do this, the image will not work with weakauras.
Remember the title and location of this file. You will need it in the game.


1 - Most addons have a profile named "FabUI" in the settings. Simply choose this, and everything should line up nicely.
2 - Healbot does not have profiles. You will need to set it up on your own if you dislike the initial settings. You should at least configure Healbot to be hidden at all times when you are solo (this is done in the "General" tab.
3 - SexyMap should be fine if you use the global settings. Otherwise, simply go for the square map type, and move it to the right position.
4 - Unlock your chat frame, and move it to the correct location.


1 - Open weakauras by typing /wa, and go to the group "Portrait Area"
2 - Right click on "Character Portrait", choose "Duplicate" and name this new texture after your characters name.
3 - Change the location of the portrait to match your own portrait, under the "Display" tab, at the very top. Right now, it is pointing at the default.
4 - Go to the "Load" tab, and find the input field currently checkmarked - "Player name"
5 - Write your characters name.
6 - Close weakauras, and your portrait should show.

Note that weakauras requires you to restart the game if you make changes to your portrait files.

That is it! If you have any questions, let me know in the comments!

- Target unit frame cannot be right clicked by default, but this can be enabled by switching it on from Shadowed Unit Frames now. However, this will clash with the entry animation from weakauras, so it is off by default. Because animations are cooler than being able to right click
- UI is currently set up for a Mage, so you might have to tune it a bit to match your class, especially if you use stances or combo points (will fix this in a future update).

FabUI v1.01

- Moved some frames to be more aligned with each other
- Game windows no longer clash with the portrait section
- Player portrait can now be right-clicked
- Target framed added to UI, fully animated!
- Got rid of Prat, and added Leatrix Plus instead, for better compability with the current game version.
- Got rid of unused textures in weakauras
- Class Order Hall bar is now hidden (thanks to MoveAnything)
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