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Kygo UI V3

Version: 3.2
by: Kygo [More]

Kygo UI Version 3

Quick note: This UI does not come with WeakAuras (not the addon nor any strings) and no BossMod!
View Change log for changes!

Version 3.2 did bring a few minor changes.

What can this UI do?

It shows your the info you need in a fight without being overwhelming.
It's really simple to manage and change to your own liking.
Not very memory heavy.
Not a lot of fancy textures. (Not more than the UnitFrames and KgPanels )

What this UI can't do:

It can probably not make you a better player.
It can't do anything that Blizzard wont allow.

Alright, that sounds cool! So how do I install it?

That is really simple!
First off, take a backup of your current UI. Both the Interface and WTF folders and save them somewhere safe.
UnZip the KygoV3.zip file anywhere you like on your computer (whatever it may be)
and copy/cut Interface and WTF folders into your WoW install folder!
Go inside the WTF folder and change "Your Account name" to your account name.
Then go into that folder and change "Your server" to your server.
And finally, change "Your character name" to your character's name!

--(If you are unsure what your account name is, just go into your old WTF folder and copy it.)

Help! It's bars everywhere and no panels visible!

Easy fix!
If the bars are everywhere or not looking like it does in the pictures then you need to go into Bartender4 to change the profile! To do that follow these steps.
Type /bar in the chat, a window will open with Bartender4's settings. Find "Profiles" then in the Dropdown menu on the right side in the window find KygoV3!
Same with KgPanels, but the slash command is /kgpanels config !
If Raven don't load the profile with my settings, type /raven in chat and click on profiles in the top right corner and select KygoV3 in the profile dropdown menu.

I don't like the portraits. Can I disable them?

Yes you can! But you can't do that in-game. You have to open Frames.lua with your text editor. You can find Frames.Lua inside oUF_Phanx.
Once you have Frames.Lua open, find the following code and either delete it, or comment it out by putting
--[[ above line 4 and a --]] below line 30.

Lua Code:
  1. ---------------------------
  2.     -- Portrait using Hooks  --
  3.     ---------------------------
  4.     if unit == "player" then
  5.     local portrait = CreateFrame("PlayerModel", nil, self)
  6.     portrait:SetPoint("TOPLEFT", self, "TOP", -280, -0)
  7.     portrait:SetPoint("BOTTOMLEFT", self, "BOTTOM", -280, -0)
  8.     portrait:SetWidth(128)
  9.     portrait:SetAlpha(1)
  11.     portrait.PostUpdate = function(portrait, unit)
  12.         portrait:SetCamera(0)
  13.     end
  15.     self.Portrait = portrait
  16. end
  18.     if unit == "target" then
  19.     local portrait = CreateFrame("PlayerModel", nil, self)
  20.     portrait:SetPoint("TOPLEFT", self, "TOP", 145, -0)
  21.     portrait:SetPoint("BOTTOMLEFT", self, "BOTTOM", 145, -0)
  22.     portrait:SetWidth(128)
  23.     portrait:SetAlpha(1)
  25.     portrait.PostUpdate = function(portrait, unit)
  26.         portrait:SetCamera(0)
  27.     end
  29.     self.Portrait = portrait
  30. end

Usefull slash commands
Bartender4: /bar and for keybindings /kb
KgPanels: /kgpanels config
Leatrix Plus: /ltp
SexyMap /sexymap
Skada: /skada config
To move the unit frames: /omf
Castbar Quartz: /quartz
BigWigs: /bw
Raven: /raven

Optional AddOns

BigWigs Boss Mod
Deadly Boss Mods , a alternative to BigWigs
Tip Tac a enhanced tooltip AddOn
Auctioneer SuiteMakes using the AH a bit easier and quicker

AddOns that are used in this comp. are the following:
  1. !ClassColors
  2. AddOnControlPanel (ACP)
  3. AnsiCombatFont
  4. Aurora
  5. BagBrother / Bagnon
  6. Bartender4
  7. ButtonFacade
  8. ColorPickerPlus
  9. DragEmAll
  10. DroodFocus
  11. Grid
  12. kgPanels
  13. Kui_Nameplates
  14. Leatrix_Plus
  15. Masque
  16. Masque_Darion
  17. OmniCC
  18. oUF
  19. oUF_MovableFrames
  20. oUF_Phanx
  21. oUF_Smooth
  22. Postal
  23. Prat
  24. Quartz
  25. Raven
  26. SexyMap
  27. SharedMedia + SharedMedia_MyMedia, SharedMediaAdditionalFonts
  28. Skada
The castbars that oUF_Phanx comes with are disabled inside Frames.lua. If you wanna enable those, just uncomment Castbar section.

If you need help with setting this UI up or any questions, either PM me or post a comment!

All credits for these AddOns that are in this comp. goes to their rightful owner!

Huge thanks to Phanx that did help me sort out the portraits!

Version 3.2
Updated a few AddOns to their latest rev.
Made some minor changes to the unitframes
Moved Raven for target buffs/debuffs
Version 3.1
Added and configured Raven
Fixed KgPanels around minimap
Added and configured Bagnon with Masque/ButtonFacade
Changed background color on Quartz castbar
Disabled buff frames within oUF_Phanx (Can provide help to enabled those again if wanted)
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