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Updated: 11-25-13 08:46 AM
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Updated:11-25-13 08:46 AM
Created:11-25-13 08:46 AM

Calligrapfyx UI

Version: ver 1.0
by: Calligrapfyx [More]

Hi all
This is my uI BASED ON KAITANUI. You can find a pair of bugs, but I know about them and will repair it.

It's only to elemental shaman, but you can change options to your class. FAQ's to all addons are in the internet.
Check it in action !

1. Talent frame
2. Character frame
3. Inspect frame
4. Arena\Battleground Results frame
5. Merchant\Auction frame
6. Tracking YOUR cds
7. Tracking enemy's cds
8. Tracking your pozitive buffs.
9. Debuffs of focus
10. Pleasant welldesigned and useful player and target frames.

To WORK talents frame do a macro

/target Yournickname
/click TalentMicroButton
/run WeakAuras.ScanEvents("EVN_O")
/run PlayerTalentFrame:SetPoint("TOPLEFT",585, -300)

and bind it to "N"
To WORK paperdollframe (characterframe)

/click CharacterMicroButton
/run WeakAuras.ScanEvents("EVN_A")
/run ToggleCharacter("PaperDollFrame")
/run CharacterFrame:SetPoint("TOPLEFT",30, -250)

and bind it to "C"

Hope you'll enjoy it!

Thanks alot to Kaitan! He's my muse)

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