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Woody UI

Version: 5.4
by: Emodex [More]

Woody UI is a UI replacement aimed at healers.
IT uses a variety of addons to track buffs, debuffs, timers etc.
It's basically default UI with some custom textures and a few others put together to make a nice clean healer oriented UI.

Woody Livestream! - Will be streaming ALL SoO Progression!

Addons:main addons used are Grid, Skada, Prat, Moveanything, SexyMap, BigWigs

MAKE A BACK UP OF YOUR WTF AND INTERFACE FOLDERS!!. Then delete them both. Download and unzip the pack to your World of Warcraft folder.

Rename YOURACCOUNT to your ACCOUNT NAME, Rename Realm to your Realm, Rename CharacterName to your Character you're Playing etc etc.

Any feedback would be greatly appreciated, this is my first attempt at making a UI pack so bare with me

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Really like the simplicity look of your UI. Tryed it out, but I can't get the Grid addon to work and look like yours. Something I missed, besides copy/paste WTF folders?
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