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Updated: 07-18-13 04:44 AM
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Updated:07-18-13 04:44 AM
Created:07-17-13 02:21 PM

SunnArt - XPerl Themes

Version: 1.1
by: twinofsun [More]

Summary: Different types of shapes in X-Perl-like design!

Youíll need to get the SunnArt Ė Viewport Addon!
Iíll include Blizzard Artworks and own effects later in an update.

To get the best quality divide 256 through your vertical resolution.
Example: H1280, V1024 => 256/1024 = 0,25 = 25% overlap!

I suggest you to configurate a setting with horizontal viewport option for the Edge- and Joint-type artworks aswell as transparency for the Windows!

I use Dominos, Prat, X-Perl, Quartz, Sexy Map, Move Anything + Blizzmove and TipTac in my UI-Setup.

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