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GamerKingFaiz's UI (healing and DPS/tank) 1920x1080

Version: 1.00
by: GamerKingFaiz [More]

Addon List

  • Auctioneer - Auction addon
  • Bagnon - Backpack addon
  • Bartender 4 - Action bar addon
  • Masque - Bartender 4 skin addon, to make it look different
  • Masque: Darion - The skin I use to make my Bartender look glossy
  • GladiatorlosSA
  • Gladius
  • Omen - Threat meter
  • OmniCC - Allows for my cooldowns to show up as a now on my action bars
  • Overachiever - Achievement addon
  • Postal - Mail addon
  • Prat - Chat addon
  • Quartz - Cast bar addon
  • ReforgeLite - Addon for easy/automated reforging
  • SexyMap - Better looking and more functional minimap
  • Shadowed Unit Frames - Unit Frame addon
  • Skada - Damage and Healing Meters (better than Recount)
  • Tidy Plates - Floating Health Bar addon
  • TipTac - Tooltip addon
  • Titan Panel - Handy bar with useful information
  • TomTom - Navigation arrow
  • WeakAuras - Helpful buff tracker
  • DBM - Essential Addon for Raiders

***** Instructions to install this UI. *****

Step 1 : BACKUP both your INTERFACE and WTF Folders.

Step 2 : Copy overboth the INTERFACE and WTF Folders into your World of Warcraft Directory, overwriting what you currently have.

Step 3 : In the WTF-> Account directory, change the directory name to your account name.

Step 4 : After you have changed your account name, double click. Change SERVERNAMEHERE to the name of your server.

Step 5 : Double click your server directory and enter your name instead of RENAMECHARACTERHERE.

Step 6 : Launch WoW and you'll have all the addons, in-game you can choose which profile you want to use for each addon. You can use Druidens if you want my healing setup. You can use Beastwolfy if you want my DPS setup. Some of the addons just use the default or "global profile" for either setup.

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