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Escalation (5.3)
Thunder Isle (5.2)
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Created:04-13-13 04:33 AM
Version: 1.14
by: Malsomnus [More]
You know how you're about to pull a raid boss that takes 12 minutes to kill, but, oh no, you have only 10 minutes left on your flask, but you still have to drink a new one because doing that in the middle of combat requires too much attention and you'll probably forget anyway?
Say hello to Flaskaholic, a discreet little button that you can put anywhere on your screen, preferably in an area you look at often, and once your flask runs out it will immediately light up and allow you to drink a new one in just one click, without having to sacrifice time and attention in the middle of a boss fight.

To keep this add-on footprint absolutely minimal, the only permanently visible part is the flask button. Hover over it to view:
* Toggle button (top) - click this to toggle the flask button's highlight on/ off.
* Move Me tag (bottom) - drag this to reposition your flask button anywhere on the screen.
* Picker button (right) - click this to load any flask from your bag to the flask button without having to actually drink it yet.


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Version 1.14
* Tried again to make the highlight glow look better, or at least more visible.

Version 1.13
* The add-on now remembers whether or not it's lit when you log off.
* Removed the debug code that made elixirs count as flasks >.>

Version 1.12
* Since the game won't let an add-on load an action button during combat, if you log into combat the add-on will kindly wait until it ends to try to load your current flask.

Version 1.11
* Added a toggle button to turn the flask button's glow on/ off. You can now turn it on before the break to remind yourself to drink a flask when you're back!
* Added a flask picker. You can now load a flask into the button without actually drinking it.
* Tried to make the glow look better.

Version 1.02
* Flaskaholic should now properly detect existing flask effects when logging into the game.
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