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Win/Loss Tracker

Version: 1.0 Release
by: Eulavvalue [More]

Tracks Win/Loss Record Against Arena Teams and Specific Players

Win/Loss Tracker will track your record against enemy opponents in arenas. A profile will be created automatically upon login for each character. You have the options of choosing which bracket, character (profile), and enemies (arena teams or specific players) to search.

Searching for arena teams will display all arena teams that character has faced in the bracket of choice by win/loss ratio.

Searching for specific players will display all players that character has faced in the bracket of choice by alphabet, and list any arena teams those specific players have been on beneath them.

The database will not add a win or loss if the opposing team has less players than they should. For example 2v1 in a 2v2 arena or 3v2 in a 3v3 arena.

*Update as of April 23rd, 2013
This is a non-beta version of the add-on and all ChatFrame messages have been removed. There should be no more add-on breaking bugs, and all information should be accurate. If you were receiving incorrect results using a beta-version of the add-on then you should delete the saved variables for the add-on by following the instructions below.

Note: Deleting saved variables for the add-on will delete any existing data for the add-on.
1. Exit the game.
2. Find your World of Warcraft account saved variables directory.
- World of Warcraft\WTF\Account\*AccountName*\SavedVariables\WinLossTracker
- Delete both WinLossTracker (LUA file) and WinLossTracker.lua (BAK file) if they exist.
3. Log-in to the game and start from a clean slate.

Known/Possible Bugs:
- If you receive a LUA error when hitting the "Fetch" button you have to spam the button to sort the table before it displays information.


Future of the add-on:
- Adding a button/option to delete all data for a profile so user won't have to delete from SavedVariables\WinLossTracker files.
- Player search for "Specific Player" option. Similar to CTRL+F on a website.
- "Last 10 Matches" which stores the last 10 scoreboard showings and display damage done, healing done, etc. Will only work if you see the scoreboard, though.
- If you have any suggestions let me know and I'll see if I can get around to it. If you want to build upon the add-on I have no problem with that. You won't see any major additions or overhauls to this add-on since I want to move on to a new project to continue building a programming portfolio (college student). I will try to keep the add-on updated if any patches break the code, but that completely depends on whether or not I am busy.

Update 1.0 Release
- Fixed sorting which caused teams with same win/loss percentage to swap around every time the "Fetch" button was clicked.
- Choose Profile (step 2) drop down menu now only shows players who have played arenas.
- Removed all ChatFrame messages that were used to debug. This doesn't mean it is 100% bug free, so please let me know if you notice any possible bugs.

Update 1.2 beta
- Put in temporary fix for empty specific player tables which caused sorting issues and LUA errors.
- Rogue check box search function should work properly now.

Update 1.1 beta
- Fixed 3v3 arena teams not being added to the database correctly.
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