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Balooni UI

Version: 1
by: sebeke [More]

Note: Due to new License agreement surrounding ElvUI you will have to download it from http://tukui.org/dl.php

All credit goes to the individual addon authors, without them this UI would not have been possible.

This UI is created for my mage which is currently arcane but it will work fine for any dps class but you have to create your own weakauras setup.

Tested and works for 1920x1080.


  • Atlastloot
  • Bartender4
  • BigWigs
  • Broker - Portals
  • ButtonFacade
  • Combuctor
  • Masque
  • OmniCC
  • Quartz
  • Satrina Buff Frames
  • Shadowed Unit Frames
  • Skada
  • Tidy Plates
  • WeakAuras
  • PlayerManaPercent
  • ElvUI


1. Make a backup of your WTF & Interface folders.
2. Download and extract my UI to your desktop.
3. Go into the WTF folder, enter the Account folder, and rename the folder called YOUR ACCOUNT to your own account name in caps.
4. Enter the YOUR ACCOUNT folder and change the folder called YourServer to your server name.
5. Enter the YourServer folder and change the folder Your Character into your characters name.
6. Overwrite your own WTF and Interface folder with mine.
7. When installing for the first time, make sure you select "Load out of date Addons".
8. If it doesn't look like it should, make sure you change all addons profiles to "Balooni".

If you have any questions make a comment and I will get back to you as soon as possible.

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