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SacredUI [1920x1080]

Version: 1.1
by: sebeke [More]

This UI is focused around DPS mainly mage in a raiding environment 10 man or 25 man does not matter, it works good for both!

It's based on 1920x1080 resolution.

All credit goes to the individual addon authors, without them this UI would not have been possible.

Installation Instructions:

1. Make a backup of your WTF & Interface folders.
2. Download and extract my UI to your desktop.
3. Go into the WTF folder, enter the Account folder, and rename the folder called YOUR ACCOUNT to your own account name in caps.
4. Enter the YOUR ACCOUNT folder and change the folder called YourServer to your server name.
5. Enter the YourServer folder and change the folder Your Character into your characters name.
6. Put my WTF and Interface folder in the place where your own folders used to be.
7. When installing for the first time, make sure you select "Load out of date Addons".
8. If it doesn't look like it should, go into Interface and then the addon tab and change all addon profiles to Sacredwizard

Addons Included:

  • Shadowed Unit Frames
  • ElvUi
  • Combuctor
  • Skada
  • Atlast Loot
  • BarTender 4
  • CombustionHelper
  • Deadly Boss Mods
  • Mik Scrolling Battle Text
  • OmniCC
  • Quartz
  • TidyPlates
  • Satrina Buff Frame
  • Raven
  • ElvUI_Raven
  • ElvUI addonskins
  • Weakauras


Version 1.1 -> Added Weakauras, Embedded Skada within right chat panel and added ElvUi addonskins. Moved 1 actionbar ontop of Player frame to easier see cooldowns of main abilities.

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A Kobold Labourer

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doesnt work

Did as instructed and the UI didnt change much from a bunch of jiberish. No profiles showed up to change it to as was described in the instructions.
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