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BattlePetCount  Popular! (More than 5000 hits)

Version: 1.8.8
by: endx7 [More]

In the battle, cage or npc tooltip, show the quality and level of battle pets you already own of that species.


1.8.8 (2016-02-21)

- Update deDE. [Robin Schoonover]

1.8.7 (2016-02-21)

- Add item for overwatch collector's edition pet. [Robin Schoonover]

- Update esMX. [Robin Schoonover]

1.8.6 (2015-10-18)

- Add Zeradar and Grumpling item ids. [Robin Schoonover]

1.8.5 (2015-10-06)

- Remove .hgtags, we don't need to export to hg anymore. [Robin

- Add CI build scripts. [Robin Schoonover]

- Ignore Nethaera's Light. [Robin Schoonover]

- Update itIT localization. [Robin Schoonover]

- Merge remote-tracking branch 'curse/master' [Robin Schoonover]

- BattlePetCount 1.8.4 [Robin Schoonover]

1.8.4 (2015-09-03)

- Add pets new to 6.2.2 (including those who only now have the item
visible). [Robin Schoonover]

- BattlePetCount 1.8.3 [Robin Schoonover]

1.8.3 (2015-08-26)

- Update TOC for 6.2 [Robin Schoonover]

- Add several more pets from 6.2 (or so) [Robin Schoonover]

- Add additional pets from 6.2 PTR. [Robin Schoonover]

- Add a few initial pets from 6.2 PTR. [Robin Schoonover]

- Don't show collected text for unobtainable pets in a few other places.
[Robin Schoonover]

- Don't show collect text for unobtainable critters in the world. [Robin

For example, pets you fight in the wild or in your garrison.

- BattlePetCount 1.8.2 [Robin Schoonover]

1.8.2 (2015-03-09)

- Don't exclude achievement pets from missing scan, since they always
have items. [Robin Schoonover]

This didn't seem to always be the case, but /bpcmissing doesn't return
anything new here.

- Add some previously missed pets, mostly from WoD. [Robin Schoonover]

These are pets that didn't show up in normal scanning.

- BattlePetCount 1.8.1 [Robin Schoonover]

1.8.1 (2015-02-26)

- Update deDE and zhTW localizations. [Robin Schoonover]

- Simplify/cleanup PetCard hooks a little bit. [Robin Schoonover]

- Added tag 1.8 for changeset dd3e5f0071f2 [Robin Schoonover]

1.8 (2015-02-25)

- Merge. [Robin Schoonover]

- Added tag for changeset 6e6d04502d14 [Robin Schoonover]

- Add options and localization string for pet card changes. [Robin

- Alter PetCard to show other owned pets of that species. [Robin

- Allow us to pull short text while ignoring a pet and returning
nothing. [Robin Schoonover] (2015-02-24)

- Update TOC Interace for 6.1 [Robin Schoonover]

- Added tag 1.7.6 for changeset 3d428b67300f [Robin Schoonover]

1.7.6 (2015-01-25)

- Add pets from 6.1 PTR. [Robin Schoonover]

- Add molten corgi to items. [Robin Schoonover]

- Update localization strings. [Robin Schoonover]

- Added tag 1.7.5 for changeset 57683f1b1813 [Robin Schoonover]

1.7.5 (2014-11-12)

- Add most pet items in WoD. [Robin Schoonover]

- Added tag for changeset 86a1abf0ec10 [Robin Schoonover] (2014-10-12)

- Update TOC for WoD. [Robin Schoonover]

- Added tag 1.7.4 for changeset 7a80c3dc67ea [Robin Schoonover]

1.7.4 (2013-09-26)

- Update TOC for 5.4 client. [Robin Schoonover]

- Add two more mislabeled pets. [Robin Schoonover]

- Add 5.4 new pets. [Robin Schoonover]

- Add missing pet. [Robin Schoonover]

- Added tag 1.7.3 for changeset 48298a6b4571 [Robin Schoonover]

1.7.3 (2013-05-22)

- Add min/max ranges for scanning items. [Robin Schoonover]

- Fill critter database all at once. [Robin Schoonover]

- Add pets not caught by tooltip scanner before. [Robin Schoonover]

- Get rid of tooltip scanning code. [Robin Schoonover]

It's slow and seems to erroneously ignores pets player hasn't seen. We'll
still scan items, but just use GetItemInfo return value and exception table.

- Slow scanner. [Robin Schoonover]

- Add missing pet: Zandalari Toenibbler [Robin Schoonover]

- Added tag for changeset 02c3dc0417b0 [Robin Schoonover] (2013-05-21)

- Bump TOC for 5.3 client [Robin Schoonover]

- Added tag 1.7.2 for changeset 611398708408 [Robin Schoonover]

1.7.2 (2013-05-05)

- Add runty direhorn. [Robin Schoonover]

- Add blossoming ancient. [Robin Schoonover]

- Add a bunch of missing pets. [Robin Schoonover]

Most of these are achievement pets that are rewarded directly and never seen,
but a few are mislabeled as wild.

- improve item scanner performance a bit [Robin Schoonover]

- Add by-itemid scanner. [Robin Schoonover]

- Add missing raptor pet. [Robin Schoonover]

- Add many of the new 5.2 pets [Robin Schoonover]

- Add search functionality to bpcmissing helper [Robin Schoonover]

- Added tag 1.7.1 for changeset 262d9891dc3f [Robin Schoonover]

1.7.1 (2013-03-04)

- Update frFR [Robin Schoonover]

- Update TOC for 5.2 client. [Robin Schoonover]

- Added tag 1.7 for changeset 01cdf144fccb [Robin Schoonover]

1.7 (2013-02-20)

- update ptBR [Robin Schoonover]

- Try redoing point to be against the vs. text [Robin Schoonover]

- Update ruRU [Robin Schoonover]

- Update locales (deDE, zhCN, zhTW) [Robin Schoonover]

- Add item for Pierre [Robin Schoonover]

- Update itIT [Robin Schoonover]

- Update ruRU and zhTW [Robin Schoonover]

- Make the battle hint box draggable. [Robin Schoonover]

- Add new carp pets in 5.2 [Robin Schoonover]

- Add one last 5.2 pet. [Robin Schoonover]

- Add two more 5.2 pets, and mark a mislabeled pet. [Robin Schoonover]

- Added tag 1.6.9 for changeset 89ac23c68f5c [Robin Schoonover]

1.6.9 (2013-01-16)

- Update esMX [Robin Schoonover]

- Update new pets on 5.2 PTR. [Robin Schoonover]

- Update deDE/itIT [Robin Schoonover]

- Added tag 1.6.8 for changeset 34e34286b1b0 [Robin Schoonover]

1.6.8 (2013-01-04)

- Be consistent on breedID option for short list. [Robin Schoonover]

- Added tag 1.6.7 for changeset 298d174ee688 [Robin Schoonover]

1.6.7 (2013-01-03)

- Update frFR [Robin Schoonover]

- Make BreedID option more clear [Robin Schoonover]

- Reapply set point if we hide collected text [Robin Schoonover]

- More old 5.0 support removed. [Robin Schoonover]

- Remove some more old 5.0 support. [Robin Schoonover]

- Fix attached tooltip [Robin Schoonover]

- Remove unused setting. [Robin Schoonover]

- Added tag 1.6.6 for changeset b444f8e03eca [Robin Schoonover]

1.6.6 (2013-01-01)

- Disable BreedID on short list for now via toggle. [Robin Schoonover]

- Fix handling of collected tooltip text in ItemRefTooltip [Robin

- Change seperator symbol and include in short list. [Robin Schoonover]

- Add BattlePetBreedID as an opt dep [Robin Schoonover]

- Add GetBreedID_Journal support. [Robin Schoonover]

- Fix wrapping on unit battle tooltip. [Robin Schoonover]

- Added tag 1.6.5 for changeset 7adb31f5da9f [Robin Schoonover]

1.6.5 (2012-12-10)

- Remove some 5.0 dead code. [Robin Schoonover]

- Remove unused localization strings. [Robin Schoonover]

- Remove an additional 5.0 check [Robin Schoonover]

- Everybody seems to be on 5.1 now, so remove 5.0 compatability code.
[Robin Schoonover]

- Remove unfinished stats display. [Robin Schoonover]

- Fix wrapping in attached tooltip. [Robin Schoonover]

- Added tag 1.6.4 for changeset aba3ab647fe2 [Robin Schoonover]

1.6.4 (2012-12-03)

- Update deDE and itIT [Robin Schoonover]

- Force word wrap in collected texts. [Robin Schoonover]

- Mark compat code. [Robin Schoonover]

- Use UnitBattlePetSpeciesID API to retrieve species [Robin Schoonover]

- Added tag 1.6.3 for changeset 701f1cb11f11 [Robin Schoonover]

1.6.3 (2012-11-29)

- npc bit range seems to be larger than expected [Robin Schoonover]

- Added tag 1.6.2 for changeset ca1721c716b7 [Robin Schoonover]

1.6.2 (2012-11-28)

- Update all locales. [Robin Schoonover]

- Add Clock'em, ignore promotional pet. [Robin Schoonover]

- Update TOC for 5.1 [Robin Schoonover]

- Added tag 1.6.1 for changeset 0ba9d9d5a2c7 [Robin Schoonover]

1.6.1 (2012-11-28)

- Fix handling of collected text for learnable pet items. [Robin

- Added tag 1.6 for changeset 5dfbf6463f18 [Robin Schoonover]

1.6 (2012-11-26)

- Fix collected text height for caged pets. [Robin Schoonover]

- Fix case in pkgmeta. [Robin Schoonover]

- Disable this option for now. [Robin Schoonover]

- Implement some stat generation. [Robin Schoonover]

- Don't return out of our hook functions early. [Robin Schoonover]

- Use LibQTip [Robin Schoonover]

- Add pet compare option (NYI) [Robin Schoonover]

- Remove unused text. [Robin Schoonover]

- Never be happy with our colors. Never. [Robin Schoonover]

- Override color codes. [Robin Schoonover]

- Avoid breaking if someone replaced GameTooltip with something not a
GameTooltip. [Robin Schoonover]

- Use OnTooltipSetUnit and OnTooltipSetItem instead of OnShow. [Robin

OnShow appears to have issues with certain tooltip AddOns.

- Text tweak, part 2. [Robin Schoonover]

- Tweak text. [Robin Schoonover]

- Explicitly reference new settings, even though nil is just as good as
false here. [Robin Schoonover]

- Restore the original subtip (disabled by default) [Robin Schoonover]

- Re-introduce the older style of text. [Robin Schoonover]

- Flip is5_1 check to be is5_0 [Robin Schoonover]

- Fix color display. [Robin Schoonover]

- Move legacy texts to updater functions. [Robin Schoonover]

- newline [Robin Schoonover]

- tweak icon [Robin Schoonover]

- Fix EOL (again) [Robin Schoonover]

- Merge [Robin Schoonover]

- Add (probably short lived) 5.0 helper string. [Robin Schoonover]

- misc style [Robin Schoonover]

- Mark enableBattleBorder as 5.0 [Robin Schoonover]

- Add option to toggle preferNamesOverQuality setting. [Robin

- Instead of appending collected text to the tooltip, replace whatever
is existing. [Robin Schoonover]

- Fix :OwnedList temporary storage. [Robin Schoonover]

- Get rid of the You own/don't own text in favor of "Collected (x/x):
list" [Robin Schoonover]

- Deal with speciesID in our utility functions only, and convert from
creatureID in caller. [Robin Schoonover]

- Color unowned in collected text. [Robin Schoonover]

- Fix call to C_PetJournal.GetNumCollectedInfo in :GetCollectedText()
[Robin Schoonover]

- Fix line endings. [Robin Schoonover]

- Fix tooltip modifications. [Robin Schoonover]

- Convert to module. [Robin Schoonover]

- Add a :CollectedText() method for generating 5.1 style collected text.
[Robin Schoonover]

- Fix MiniMap tooltip hooking. [Robin Schoonover]

- Rewrite Owned List generation to act more sanely. [Robin Schoonover]

- Use AceHook [Robin Schoonover]

- Merge stable. [Robin Schoonover]

- Added tag 1.5.5 for changeset 31313b871a3a [Robin Schoonover]

- Fix cross-version creature matching. [Robin Schoonover]

- Split into modules. [Robin Schoonover]

- Add more new 5.1 pet items. [Robin Schoonover]

- Add a few new pets. [Robin Schoonover]

- Merge stable. [Robin Schoonover]

- Use a new API to detect 5.1 client instead of build number. [Robin

- Add more 5.1 conditional evaluations. [Robin Schoonover]

- Add pets added in 5.1 [Robin Schoonover]

- Fix select call. [Robin Schoonover]

- Typofix [Robin Schoonover]

- Initial 5.1 support. [Robin Schoonover]

1.5.5 (2012-10-24)

- Revert points when LibExtraTip's tooltip is hidden. [Robin Schoonover]

- Embed AceEvent-3.0 [Robin Schoonover]

- Handle LibExtraTip's tooltip. [Robin Schoonover]

This is probably a temporary fix.

- Fix local ref. [Robin Schoonover]

- Typofix. [Robin Schoonover]

- Reorganize subtip function. [Robin Schoonover]

- Added tag 1.5.4 for changeset e36c698428dd [Robin Schoonover]

1.5.4 (2012-10-22)

- Update frFR [Robin Schoonover]

- Update deDE [Robin Schoonover]

- Added tag 1.5.3 for changeset 95347249bb7e [Robin Schoonover]

1.5.3 (2012-10-15)

- Add zhCN locale. [Robin Schoonover]

- Hook ItemRefTooltip while we're out and about. [Robin Schoonover]

- Work around improper hooking. [Robin Schoonover]

- Update frFR [Robin Schoonover]

- Added tag 1.5.2 for changeset 5d4ac4693a8b [Robin Schoonover]

1.5.2 (2012-10-12)

- Update itIT [Robin Schoonover]

- Added tag 1.5.1 for changeset 5df565936610 [Robin Schoonover]

1.5.1 (2012-10-11)

- Update koKR [Robin Schoonover]

- Fix some layer definitions of textures and fontstrings. [Robin

- Added tag 1.5 for changeset 29c0ebc511ec [Robin Schoonover]

1.5 (2012-10-11)

- Only show notice icon when in a wild battle. [Robin Schoonover]

- Don't show the notice texture on the dead. [Robin Schoonover]

- Remove unused textures. [Robin Schoonover]

- Improve battle pet notice texture. [Robin Schoonover]

- Make battle border option text more clear. [Robin Schoonover]

- Fix order of options. [Robin Schoonover]

- Change battle border status to false. [Robin Schoonover]

- Alter battle pet borders and add a helper icon. [Robin Schoonover]

- Make "In Battle" option text more consistent. [Robin Schoonover]

- Update deDE [Robin Schoonover]

- Hide embeds in nolib. [Robin Schoonover]

- Also move options section header strings to locales tables. [Robin

- Fix newline. [Robin Schoonover]

- Move options strings to locales tables. [Robin Schoonover]

- Update pkgmeta and TOC for new embeds. [Robin Schoonover]

- Add options. [Robin Schoonover]

- Shrink sub-tooltip code slightly. [Robin Schoonover]

- Check for existance of the normal GameTooltip functions in case
someone has replaced the GameTooltip. [Robin Schoonover]

- Update all locales. [Robin Schoonover]

- Fix snowman kit item id. [Robin Schoonover]

- Add yellow balloon, yo'lon kite. [Robin Schoonover]

- Excise icon code, since we're not going to do anything interesting,
and change minimap to show levels. [Robin Schoonover]

- Re-add text view. [Robin Schoonover]

- Add missing non-battle pets. [Robin Schoonover]

- Add missing pet, don't exclude non-battle pets. [Robin Schoonover]

- Alter the in battle display to be more informative (both level and
quality change) [Robin Schoonover]

- Assume we always want the trailing extra space in "You own this pet:"
[Robin Schoonover]

- Added tag 1.4.5 for changeset 461cda18e4e8 [Robin Schoonover]

1.4.5 (2012-10-03)

- Update ptBR and ruRU [Robin Schoonover]

- Added tag 1.4.4 for changeset 13d10fc839eb [Robin Schoonover]

1.4.4 (2012-10-02)

- Add zhTW localization. [Robin Schoonover]

- Backed out changeset: 1d6a1ee3fcca [Robin Schoonover]

- Add/update ptBR, ruRU, frFR localizations. [Robin Schoonover]

- Make it clear we're talking about quality. [Robin Schoonover]

- Added tag 1.4.3 for changeset 63f772c88b92 [Robin Schoonover]

1.4.3 (2012-09-30)

- Add deDE, frFR, itIT and koKR localizations. [Robin Schoonover]

Thanks guys!

- Added tag 1.4.2 for changeset dff162f9063d [Robin Schoonover]

1.4.2 (2012-09-29)

- Handle minimap tooltips modified by color (generally due to being in
an indoor area) [Robin Schoonover]

- Don't show in battle indicator in tamer fights either. [Robin

- Added tag 1.4.1 for changeset e7a2753910b3 [Robin Schoonover]

1.4.1 (2012-09-29)

- Fix display of pet list in Pet Battle tooltip. [Robin Schoonover]

Reported By: Freyar

- Added tag 1.4 for changeset 2624815f1320 [Robin Schoonover]

1.4 (2012-09-29)

- Embed AceLocale-3.0 and start using localization. [Robin Schoonover]

- Don't try to preemptively filter out non-minimap tooltips in minimap
tooltip handling. [Robin Schoonover]

- Add to the minimap tooltips [Robin Schoonover]

- Added tag 1.3 for changeset 70f12af4780b [Robin Schoonover]

1.3 (2012-09-28)

- Fix cage display. [Robin Schoonover]

- Color name in pet battle. [Robin Schoonover]

This convienently colors both the tooltip name and the name frame name.

- Added tag for changeset 5eaebb1c9cfb [Robin Schoonover]

- Added tag 1.2 for changeset 5eaebb1c9cfb [Robin Schoonover]

1.2 (2012-09-24)

- Handle just in case level is something weird. [Robin Schoonover]

- Include level in tooltips as well. [Robin Schoonover]

- Slight adjustment on sizing. [Robin Schoonover]

- Style improvements. [Robin Schoonover]

- Add an always visible indicator. [Robin Schoonover]

- Add a summary for /bpcmissing debug command. [Robin Schoonover]

- Added tag 1.1 for changeset e3a56a4603f6 [Robin Schoonover]

1.1 (2012-09-12)

- Show on the old learnable companion tooltips as well. [Robin

- Added tag 1.0 for changeset 342eecf6191e [Robin Schoonover]

1.0 (2012-09-08)

- Load embedded LibStub and CallbackHandler as well. [Robin Schoonover]

- Add info to GameTooltip as well. [Robin Schoonover]

- Fix comment. [Robin Schoonover]

- Packaging fixes. [Robin Schoonover]

- Clean up. [Robin Schoonover]

- First import. [Robin Schoonover]
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Unread 01-09-13, 09:50 PM  
A Kobold Labourer

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Great simple Add on

Great simple add on makes life so much easier
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Unread 11-29-12, 12:10 AM  
An Aku'mai Servant
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Re: New version for patch 5.1 doesn't seem to work

Originally Posted by Shad0wman
It seems to have wiped some data as I can only get what I've caught on the minimap and not5 on tooltip or pet battle interface tooltip. I've checked interference w other pet battle addons but I cant seem to find the culprit other than this addon. Please check this out or fix as I realy like this simeple addon
What is your game client language?

And, if I'm understanding correctly, does the Collected (x/3) text show up without this addon installed, but doesn't with it?

Edit: oh, you didn't update without reloading the client, did you?
Last edited by endx7 : 11-29-12 at 12:29 AM.
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Unread 11-27-12, 05:17 PM  
A Defias Bandit

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New version for patch 5.1 doesn't seem to work

It seems to have wiped some data as I can only get what I've caught on the minimap and not5 on tooltip or pet battle interface tooltip. I've checked interference w other pet battle addons but I cant seem to find the culprit other than this addon. Please check this out or fix as I realy like this simeple addon
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Unread 10-23-12, 10:02 AM  
A Kobold Labourer

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Really great addon indeed, been using it since I started pet battling. But as with most great addons, Blizzard will steal your work in 5.1
World of Warcraft PTR Patch 5.1.0

-Battle Pet tooltips will now display whether a pet is owned, and how many pets of that type are owned.
-Pet Quality is now displayed in battles, and will be visible on portraits, names and tooltips.
Last edited by Estelyen : 10-23-12 at 10:02 AM.
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Unread 10-01-12, 01:35 PM  
A Defias Bandit
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Incredibly useful, thanks for this.
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Unread 09-30-12, 06:20 AM  
Ratso Steamwheedle
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Wonderful addon!
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Unread 09-28-12, 12:02 PM  
A Kobold Labourer

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Re: Thanks

Originally Posted by Mittparadox
Just what i needed
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Unread 09-26-12, 05:21 AM  
A Deviate Faerie Dragon
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Just what i needed
(`. "How do you prove that you exist... ? .)
(`._.[ Mabe we don't exist ... " ]._.)
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