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Reborn ui Kapone's fan update

Version: V 10.8
by: Kapone [More]

First of, Made a fan update on Sycobob's Fan update...so the version number might be off.
Many Creeds too him and Sarcophilus who made this ui in the first place.
I would like every too give a big round of applauds too Fizzlemizz for bringing Discord addons back too life which make's this ui possible.
Feel free too add more textures or move them and post your idea's
Iv'e found out that my previous version numbers were off and this is the 10th update of the original reborn ui

1. This UI is built for 1920x1200. If you want to try it on other resolutions, you need to adjust it yourself. It shouldn't be terribly difficult and really only requires a basic knowledge of addons. Bartender, Discord, Prat, Omen, Recount, Kgpanels and Quartz may need to be moved.

2. If any addons don't seem to be set up properly try loading the default, Kapone's or Test profile. That should fix any issues.

3. I have added some addons that makes your gaming esier like quartz, WIM, Spell flash.. Etc

4. This is a heavy load addon pack so if you have a computer that gives you low fps in wow-Default ui you might lose your will too play because of the laggs, It brings my comp from 60 down too 25-30 fps in 25man raid combat. on boss special ultimate attack it gets down too 20fps maybe even 15fps if im unlucky (got 4 gig ram and its a 2 yr old comp so i might have a much worse comp then you do).

5. It might take long time too unzip and download because buff icons got new skins and that is a HEAVY folder (First game load gets slow thanks too this but second will be as any usual game loading time =) )

Any idea's or you just found a weak spot/bug please let it be known in the comment section

Reborn ui MOP realse notes
I am still working on a lower resolution of this ui allso with finding solutions too the 40 man big raid window done in photoshop but at the same time thinking about too change raid frame addon.
Anyhow as soon as i see that it works stable in 40 man raids i will make an update, for now enjoy the frameless 40 man window with working 10 and 25 man windows again.


*Made a few change's, Addon's updated, 10/25 man switch works correctly,chat resized, And i left the blizzard standard addons for easy install.
*Minor adjustment's and moving somethings around
*Added new Buff skins (Remove/move ICON folder in your interface if you like the smooth edged once)
*Added a pair of claw's under the action bar, Moved Minibuttons and the Bag button so you can click them now with mouse, Minor adjustments and issue fixed allso
*Added Hunter and Warlock pet bar in a frame, Resizes and realigned some stuff, still more too come on this part
*Added a Glow behind the minimap settings too remove it can be found in /sexymap
*Fixed 10/25 man window for mop and changed too Grid raid frames.

Still too come:

*Make this ui for 1920x1080P
*A Up too date 10 man raid picture (but its the same as before only change is the claws under the actionbar's)
*Minor fixes with moving frames and wait for kgpanels for update because it requires a /reload ui too hide some panels that should be hidden, same thing is happening with Zmob but its gone when you hs, enter/leave instance or take any portal at all.

Installation Instructions

1. Backup/rename/move your previous UI
2. Unzip the zipfile
3. Copy the Fonts, Interface, and WTF folders in too your World of Warcraft folder.
4. Inside '...\WTF\Account\' change the name of the folder 'ACCOUNTNAME' to your account name
5. Inside '...\WTF\Account\ACCOUNTNAME\' rename the folder 'Server Name' to your server name
6. Inside '...\WTF\Account\ACCOUNTNAME\Server Name\' rename the folder 'Char Name' to your character's name
7. Log in and change the UI scale too the amount its shown in the provided picture
(Optional)8. Use move anything too move Vehicle bars, raid boss alternative bar,Raid manager, Errors & warning display, Quest details, dungeon/raidfinder queue status and Tracker.
(Optional)9. Hide with MoveAnything Player buffs, player buffs consolidated buffs tooltip, Player debuffs and Target for some reason i have too hide these because wow's default settings work here =/.

AddOns list:
ACP - Action Controll Panel - Turn off and on addons ingame.
Atlas - Instance maps and loots.
Auctionator - Action helper
BadBoy - Spamm blocker and reporter
BagBrother - Co-addon for Bagnon (makes it possible too view alt bags)
Bagnon - One bag
Bartender4 - Action bars
BigWigs - Boss timer's and warnings
ButtonFacade - Button face changer
Cooldowns - Cooldowns over your action buttons
DiscordLibrary - Unit frames
Fontifier - Font changer
Grid - Raid frames
kgPanels - Texture injector
MailGet - All mail in one click
Masque - Co-addon for ButtonFaced
MikScrollingBattleText - Scrolling combat text.
MoveAnything - Move anything you want
Omen - Threath plates
OneClickBuyOut - Shift+Left click too buy out
Prat-3.0 - Chat window addon
Quartz - Cast bar,Proc and buff bars
Recount - Dps meter
Reforgenator - Reforge helper
SexyMap - Map face changer,shape changer..etc..
TidyPlates - Hp bars over enemies
TipTac - Tool tip changer
WIM - Private whisper window
xcalc - In game calculator
ZMobDB - 3D model viewer
SpellFlash - Spell tip flasher
xFont - Font changer
DBM - Boss timer's and warnings

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