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Updated:07-20-10 05:49 PM
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Explosive ShotTimer

Version: 1.0
by: Dralmoo [More]

Provides a cooldown frame that corresponds to the 2 second time that's optimal between explosive shots, once Lock and Load has proc'd. 1 GCD will clip ticks of the Explosive Shot DOT and waiting 2 GCDs is a dps loss.

The frame only appears when you cast ES with LnL active.

/EST toggles between locked and unlocked states.

Version 1.0 - fixed all known issues.

1.0: Now properly locked at start.
Now properly dissapears when ES is fired and all LnL procs used up.

0.2: Added proper dragding of frame with visible anchor. Type /est to hide the anchor. It has to be rehidden (for now) ever time the UI is loaded.
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Just so you know, the zip file isn't a folder but the files in the folder.

If you download this in its current state and not sure what to do just create a folder called ExplosiveShotTimer and put the files in there.
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