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Updated: 07-13-10 11:49 PM
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Updated:07-13-10 11:49 PM

JabberJab LevelJukebox

Version: 1.0
by: tuxeh [More]


This addon plays a tune when you level up and when you die. Both of these features are able to be toggled on or off. It is also possible to play a tune on demand.

Leveling an alt and getting ganked by a "??" has never been this much fun!

The addon comes with 5 different .wav tunes.

/leveljukebox , /ljukebox or /jukebox <command>
- play <ID> - Plays the given tune. IDs ranges between 1 and 5 by default.
- toggleTune - Toggles whether or not to play a tune when you level up.
- toggleDeathTune - Toggles whether or not to play a tune when you die.

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Ability to have separate Level & Death tunes.

This is an excellent idea and a great addition to the game. Would there be a way you can separate Death & Levelling tunes so we can have a less cheerful tune play when we die?
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