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Warlords of Draenor (6.0)
Siege of Orgrimmar (5.4)
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Created:04-16-08 09:00 AM
BadBoy: Anti Spam Blocker & Reporter  Updated less than 3 days ago!  Popular! (More than 5000 hits)
Version: v12.328
by: funkydude [More]
BadBoy Highlights:
  • Blocking & reporting spam: gold, hack, phishing, account trading, runescape gold trading, casino, illegal item selling, etc.
  • A 20 line chat buffer/throttle to prevent people spamming the same message one after another.
  • Automatically blocks & reports invites from gold spammers.
  • Configuration screen by typing /badboy

The following are not scanned and cannot be reported/blocked by this addon: Friends, Real ID friends, Guild, Party, Raid, GM's.
The following channels are monitored: Public Trade/General/etc, Say, Yell, Whisper.

Please post missed spam on the forums or PM me here.


Whispers by level blocker BadBoy_Levels.
Anti anal/etc spam BadBoy_CCleaner.
Remove guild advertising BadBoy_Guilded.

Log all removed chat BadBoy_History.
v12.328 - anti-spam update

v12.316 - anti-spam update

v12.314 - anti-spam update

v12.300 - revert LibChatAnims addition, handle name trimming within the addon, anti-spam update

v12.200 - anti-spam update, embed LibChatAmbiguate

v12.108 - anti-spam update, another bnet invite scanning fix

v12.105 - anti-spam update

v12.100 - Fix scanning bnet invites as they arrive, anti-spam update.

v12.047 - anti-spam update

v12.042 - bump toc, itIT update

v12.041 - anti-spam update

v12.022 - anti-spam update

v12.016 - anti-spam update, toc bump

v12.014 - anti-spam update

v12.000 - Implemented a new blacklist feature to prevent asking you to report a spammer after they've already been reported.

v11.617 - anti-spam update

v11.611 - anti-spam update

v11.605 - anti-spam update, toc bump

v11.604 - anti-spam update

v11.600 - Include the LibChatAnims library to prevent BadBoy blocking talent changes for some users. Anti-spam update.

v11.525 - anti-spam update

v11.507 - anti-spam update

v11.500 - improve fake RBG detection

v11.434 - anti-spam update

v11.431 - anti-spam update

v11.424 - anti-spam update

v11.400 - code improvements in the reporting function, locale update, anti-spam update

v11.318 - anti-spam update

v11.300 - further improved fake RBG ad detection
Improved Russian spam filtering

v11.234 - improve popup code, anti-spam update

v11.232 - wow 5.1, anti-spam update

v11.222 - anti-spam update

v11.2 - Improve detection of fake RBG ads.

v11.1 - Fix a taint issue with /targeting.

v11 - Now automatically blocks and reports invites from gold spammers
anti-spam update

v10.016 - toc update

v10.014 - Anti-goldspam update
Locale update

v10.000 - Support for filtering the new D3 related gold/account spam.
Removed name from report link.
Report link is now longer and easier to click.
Reporting is now like a game of whack-a-mole, the report link is removed from chat after being clicked.
Add support for BadBoy_History, a new BadBoy plugin for logging removed chat.
Fix a bug for popup users where the popup would not reset.
The time between clicking reports is now restricted to 4 seconds to try and prevent a Blizzard disconnect bug.
Improved goldspam filters.

v9.111 - Anti-goldspam update

v9.106 - Anti-goldspam update

v9.100 - Expand chat throttle to 20 lines, improve various rules

v9.018 - Anti-goldspam update

v9.009 - Shorten the report player message to 1 line to make it less intrusive
Anti-goldspam update

v9.000 - Re-Added the 15 line chat buffer/throttle from v6
Added option to disable printing a report message in chat
Updated config & description
Anti-goldspam update

v8.200 - Remove the popup so that click-to-report is easier/faster.

v8.100 - Blizzard has removed the ability to automatically report spam, swapping to printing a message in chat with a chat link asking to report the player (a la good ol' SpamSentry). Happy 4th Birthday BadBoy, GG Blizz!

v8.043 - anti-goldspam update.

v8.031 - anti-goldspam update.

v8.026 - anti-goldspam update.

v8.017 - anti-goldspam update.

v8.012 - anti-goldspam update.

v8.005 - Support for patch 4.3.4, anti-goldspam update.

v8.000 -Possibly fixed an issue for some users where silent mode didn't work.
-Re-code the raid icon handling and symbol handling to strengthen BadBoy against spam that uses raid icon & symbol separation.
-Print a chat message if an addon is breaking critical chat data that BadBoy needs, thus breaking BadBoy, and showing an error.
-Fix a minor display issue for manual report users.
-Improve Russian & French filters.
-Remove/cleanup lots of old rules.

v7.100 - Added filters for removing Runescape gold trading, improve French filters, anti-goldspam update.

v7.008 - Anti-goldspam update.

v7.001 - Anti-goldspam update.

v7.000 - Re-wrote the string replacement system to harden BadBoy against letter replacement spam.

v6.655 - Anti-goldspam update.

v6.653 - Anti-goldspam update.

v6.648 - Anti-goldspam update.

v6.642 - Anti-goldspam update.

v6.639 - Anti-goldspam update.

v6.634 - Anti-goldspam update.

v6.633 - Anti-goldspam update.

v6.628 - Anti-goldspam update.

v6.619 - Anti-goldspam/anti-phishing update.

v6.616 - Anti-goldspam update.

v6.606 - Anti-goldspam update.

v6.600 - Major improvement against Russian goldspam, re-wrote some things to make maintenance easier, Anti-goldspam update.

v6.532 - Anti-goldspam update.

v6.521 - Anti-goldspam update.

v6.517 - Anti-goldspam update.

v6.507 - manual reporting bugfix, anti-goldspam update

v6.505 - Anti-goldspam, 4.2 update.

v6.499 - Anti-goldspam update.

v6.491 - Anti-goldspam update.

v6.476 - Anti-goldspam/anti-phishing/russian goldspam update.

v6.463 - Anti-goldspam update, toc bump.

v6.461 - Anti-goldspam update.

v6.445 - Anti-goldspam update.

v6.441 - Anti-goldspam update.

v6.438 - Anti-Phishing update/tweak Russian.

v6.435 - Russian Anti-goldspam update.

v6.421 - DB Cleanup/Anti-goldspam update.

v6.404 - Anti-goldspam update.

v6.400 - Anti-goldspam update, add support for an upcoming badboy filter logging addon

v6.300 - re-add a simplified chat throttle, checks the previous line, filters if duplicate.

v6.217 - Anti-phishing update.

v6.216 - Anti-goldspam update.

v6.212 - Anti-goldspam update.

v6.208 - Anti-goldspam update.

v6.205 - reduce phishing filter sensitivity, anti-goldspam update

v6.200 - No longer scans chat from guild members, or RealID friends.
Anti-goldspam update.

v6.154 - Anti-goldspam update.

v6.151 - Anti-goldspam update.

v6.150 - Remove code for throttling chat, removing ascii art, and blocking sleep emotes from floating bots. Blizz public chat throttling should have fixed the first 2 and hopefully the bots have been fixed. This addon is now very much just a phishing/gold/hack/casino spam reporter, for now.
Anti-goldspam update.

v6.100 - anti-goldspam update
remove some old stuff
disable repetitive spam filter & ASCII art filter to test if new Blizz throttle system is effective
bump to 40000

v6.012 - anti-goldspam update

v6.007 - anti-goldspam update

v6.005 - anti-goldspam update

v6.002 - fix an issue with detecting euros/pounds

v6.001 - add support for BadBoy_Levels v2.50

v6.000 - Now uses a heuristic system to combat phishing, improved goldspam heuristics, fixed BadBoy_Levels box showing when not installed.

v5.2.0.4 - anti-goldspam update

v5.2.0.3 - anti-phishing/anti-goldspam update

v5.2.0.0 - add support for BadBoy_CCleaner v3 and a config for BadBoy_Levels, anti-phishing/anti-goldspam update

v5.1.0.9 - anti-phishing/anti-goldspam update

v5.1.0.4 - anti-goldspam update

v5.1.0.3 - anti-phishing/anti-goldspam update

v5.1.0.0 - anti-phishing/anti-goldspam update, fix the bot sleep emote spam filter to actually work, extend the amount of lines the chat throttling feature checks.

v5.0.5.8 - anti-goldspam update

v5.0.5.6 - anti-goldspam update

v5.0.5.4 - anti-phishing/anti-goldspam update

v5.0.4.9 - anti-goldspam update

v5.0.4.7 - anti-phishing/anti-goldspam update

v5.0.4.3 - anti-goldspam update

v5.0.4.1 - anti-phishing/anti-goldspam update

v5.0.3.9 - anti-phishing/anti-goldspam update

v5.0.3.7 - anti-goldspam update

v5.0.3.5 - anti-phishing/anti-goldspam update

v5.0.3.3 - anti-phishing/anti-goldspam update

v5.0.3.0 - anti-phishing/anti-goldspam update

v5.0.2.8 - anti-phishing/anti-goldspam update

v5.0.2.5 - anti-phishing/anti-goldspam update

v5.0.2.1 - anti-phishing update

v5.0.2.0 - anti-phishing update

v5.0.1.7 - fix a detection that wasn't working properly.

v5.0.1.6 - anti-phishing/anti-goldspam update

v5.0.1.2 - anti-goldspam update

v5.0.1.0 - *Temporarily* filter the (non-reported) sleep emote spam from non-friends until Blizzard fix the floating bots, hopefully soon... as I dislike having this kind of thing in BadBoy.
- anti-goldspam update.

v5.0.0.2 - Gold spam list update

v5.0.0.0 - Short: Uses less resources, catches more spam
Long: A heuristic system has been implemented to assist BadBoy. This has resulted in a smaller database so smaller file size and memory usage, but should mainly and *hopefully* result in less updates.

v4.3.1.1 - blacklist/anti-phishing update

v4.3.0.8 - blacklist/anti-phishing update

v4.3.0.3 - blacklist update

v4.3.0.1 - anti-phishing update

v4.3.0.0 - Sometimes the gold advertisers like to draw with symbols to advertise their gold, v4.3 attempts to combat this by filtering this art, can be turned off, see config for details.

v4.2.7.4 - anti-phishing update

v4.2.7.3 - anti-phishing update

v4.2.7.0 - blacklist update

v4.2.5.5 - anti-phishing update

v4.2.5.3 - blacklist update

v4.2.5.0 - anti-phishing update/blacklist update

v4.2.4.8 - anti-phishing update

v4.2.4.6 - anti-phishing/blacklist update

v4.2.4.3 - anti-phishing update

v4.2.4.0 - anti-phishing/blacklist update

v4.2.3.3 - anti-phishing update

v4.2.3.1 - anti-phishing update

v4.2.2.9 - anti-phishing update

v4.2.2.6 - anti-phishing update

v4.2.2.3 - anti-phishing update

v4.2.2.2 - blacklist update

v4.2.1.8 - anti-phishing update

v4.2.1.7 - anti-phishing update

v4.2.1.5 - anti-phishing update

v4.2.1.3 - blacklist update

v4.2.1.0 - anti-phishing update

v4.2.0.9 - blacklist update

v4.2.0.4 - anti-phishing update

v4.2.0.3 - blacklist update

v4.2.0.0 - Added a basic "art" remover feature, simple removal of lines with nothing but symbols.
Blacklist update.

v4.1.0.7 - Blacklist update

v4.1.0.3 - Blacklist update

v4.1.0.0 - Improve the line consolidation feature - now filters identical lines by checking the last 5 lines instead of the last 1 line, old rules apply = no filtering of you/friends. Database cleanup/update.

v4.0.3.6 - blacklist update

v4.0.3.4 - anti-phishing update

v4.0.3.3 - blacklist/anti-phishing update

v4.0.3.0 - anti-phishing update

v4.0.2.9 - blacklist update

v4.0.2.7 - blacklist update

v4.0.2.5 - anti-phishing update

v4.0.2.4 - blacklist update

v4.0.2.0 - blacklist update

v4.0.1.7 - blacklist update

v4.0.1.6 - 3.3 update

v4.0.1.5 - blacklist/phishing update

v4.0.1.2 - blacklist update

v4.0.1.0 - blacklist update

v4.0.0.4 - minor bug fix in chat consolidation feature

v4.0.0.3 - phishing update

v4.0.0.1 - christmas phishing update

v4.0.0.0: Added a very simple options screen (1kb) for user friendliness
+ New multi-to-single line spam consolidation feature (see addon description for example)
+ URL blacklist completely erased, now depends solely on generic triggers to catch current and new spam.

v3.6.1.3 - blacklist/phishing update

v3.6.0.7 - blacklist update

v3.6.0.4 - blacklist update

v3.6.0.0 - internal reworkings and cleanups, blacklist update

v3.5.5.0 - blacklist/phishing update. Few tweaks and cleanups.

v3.5.4.0 - blacklist update

v3.5.3.2 - blacklist update

v3.5.3.0 - blacklist update

v3.5.2.4 - blacklist update

v3.5.2.0 - blacklist update

v3.5.1.9 - blacklist update

v3.5.1.7 - blacklist update

v3.5.1.3 - blacklist update

v3.5.0.9 - blacklist update

v3.5.0.4 - blacklist update

v3.5.0.0 - Player names are now player links (shift-click whoable for the paranoid)
Database & general cleanups, remove some 3.1 code checking

v3.4.9.7 - anti-phishing update

v3.4.9.4 - blacklist update

v3.4.8.9 - blacklist update

v3.4.8.7 - blacklist update

v3.4.8.4 - blacklist update

v3.4.8.0 - phishing update

v3.4.7.9 - anti malware & phishing update

v3.4.7.6 - blacklist update

v3.4.7.1 - toc update

v3.4.7.0 - blacklist/whisperer update

v3.4.6.4 - generic/anti-whisperer update

v3.4.6.0 - More fighting against low level whisperers, blacklist update

v3.4.5.5 - blacklist update

v3.4.5.0 - blacklist update, fix a very rare error for manual reporters

v3.4.3.8 - blacklist update

v3.4.3.5 - blacklist update

v3.4.2.8 - blacklist update

v3.4.2.3 - Improved mount phishing protection

v3.4.2.1 - blacklist update

v3.4.2.0 - blacklist update

v3.4.1.9 - blacklist update

v3.4.1.8 - Add another mount/phishing URL

v3.4.1.7 - blacklist update

v3.4.1.4 - blacklist update

v3.4.1.2 - blacklist update

v3.4.1.1 - add new phishing url

v3.4.1.0 - blacklist update

v3.4.0.8 - blacklist update, BadBoy_CCleaner now available for filtering crap from chat

v3.4.0.6 - blacklist update

v3.4.0.5 - blacklist update

v3.4.0.4 - blacklist a new commonly spammed phishing address

v3.4.0.3 - blacklist updates

v3.4.0.0 - adds filtering for DND/AFK messages to further remove the low level whispering pests, blacklist update

v3.3.0.1 - Minor bugfix for v3.3, BadBoy_Levels now available for whisper filtering by level.

v3.3.0.0 - Now only scans official blizz custom channels(gen/trade/etc), should prevent odd problems with RPr's and their weird addons using chat channels for data communication.

v3.2.0.1 - minor tweaks

v3.2.0.0 - if you have popups enabled, it will show the spam you received

v3.1.0.0 - ability to turn off report messages, in chat type: /script BADBOY_SILENT = true

v3.0.0.2 - minor tweaks

v3.0.0.1 - tell the user if another addon is breaking badboy

v3.0.0.0 - Only works on wow 3.1

v2.5.0.1 - 3.1 compat, Blacklist Update

v2.2.2.1 - Blacklist Update

v2.2.1.9 - Blacklist Update

v2.2.1.7 - Blacklist Update

v2.2.1.5 - Blacklist Update

v2.2.1.3 - Blacklist Update

v2.2.1.0 - removed temp Christmas filter
removed gold spam art filter from 2008
update blacklist email/URL

v2.2.0.4 - Blacklist Update

v2.2.0.2 - Blacklist Update

v2.2.0.0 - Start of blacklisted emails

v2.1.1.5 - Blacklist Update

v2.1.1.0 - Blacklist Update

v2.1.0.8 - Blacklist Update

v2.1.0.5 - Blacklist Update

v2.1.0.4 - Blacklist Update

v2.1.0.3 - Filter new seasonal spam

v2.1.0.2 - Blacklist Update

v2.1.0 - Wrath Update

v2.0.9 - Blacklist Update

v2.0.8 - Updated Blacklist

v2.0.7 - Updated Blacklist

v2.0.6 - Updated Blacklist
Added new spam detection (attempt to kill "hi, hi, [spam]" whispers)

v2.0.5 - Updated Blacklist

v2.0.4 - Added new spam detection

v2.0.3 - Added some "hack" sites

v2.0.2 - Added new spam detection

v2.0.1 - Added new spam detection

v2 - Database reshape finished, resulting in it being smaller and tougher than ever, should result in less updates.
-Manual reporting option now saves. Type EXACTLY "/script BADBOY_POPUP = true" ingame for manual reporting instead of automatic. Use "false" to go back to automatic.
-Updated to combat the latest forms of spam appearing the past few days.
Random tweaks

v1.8.1 - Cleanup DB
Updated blacklist

v1.8 - Bugfix with phrases
Fix an extremely rare false positive with certain IPs
Cleanup DB
Updated blacklist

v1.7.5 - Updated Blacklist

v1.7.4 - Blacklist Update
DB Cleanup

v1.7.3 - Blacklist update
DB cleanup

v1.7.2 - Updated Blacklist

v1.7.1 - Blacklist update
DB tweaks

v1.7 - Blacklist update
Updated against a new form of multiline spam
2.4.2 tweaks
DB cleanup

v1.6.1 - Blacklist update

v1.6 - Fixed bug where manual reporting showed the wrong name, now shows no name like blizz default.
Blacklist update
Various tweaks
Please post missed spam at

v1.5 - Performance improvements
Blacklist update
Various tweaks
Increased hit chance, should result in less updates
Added COPYING.txt notes about copying code from this addon

v1.4.1 - Updated blacklist

v1.4 - Blacklist updates and tweaks

v1.3.5 - Updated blacklist
Increased hit chance versus the new variants of .com

v1.2 - Updated and refreshed blacklist
Increased hit chance
Decreased false positive chance

v1.1 - Updated blacklist
Tweaked detection methods

v1.02 - Updated Blacklist

v1.01 - Updated Blacklist

v1.0 - Initial Release
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Unread 05-23-08, 08:57 PM  
An Onyxian Warder
tralkar's Avatar

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ohh goody, going to give it a shot.. thanks for the respond. =)
---Ohh by the way that was an AS not the other hehe

ok tryed it out and seems to work nicely, only thing if posable is. If you could add for quild recruiting, but not report them..
Last edited by tralkar : 05-23-08 at 11:39 PM.
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Unread 05-22-08, 10:57 PM  
A Deviate Faerie Dragon
funkydude's Avatar
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Originally posted by tralkar
Ass I see you have a link to ACE.. do you need Ace to run this addon?
No, this addon is too small to use the Ace framework.

As a wowace admin, all my work is hosted there.
funkydude is offline Report comment to moderator  
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Unread 05-22-08, 09:26 PM  
An Onyxian Warder
tralkar's Avatar

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As(fix) I see you have a link to ACE.. do you need Ace to run this addon?
Last edited by tralkar : 05-23-08 at 08:58 PM.
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Unread 05-22-08, 08:22 PM  
A Deviate Faerie Dragon
funkydude's Avatar
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Thanks Esha I do my best to keep the DB clean and updated. Many thanks to the people that keep reporting.
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Unread 05-20-08, 01:38 AM  
Token Werewolf Fan
VagrantEsha's Avatar
Premium Member
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I love this thing.

I think my guild and I must've gone through a bunch of mods before we settled on this one, and it's the most effective. In fact, we dedicated most of a day to testing out a bunch of such, and BadBoy came out on top (by far).

Those spam messages are so stunningly annoying, we had to do something to get rid of them. It's so very tiring that these... entrepreneurs don't realise that most players are too smart to want their dirty money.
VagrantEsha is offline Report comment to moderator  
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Unread 05-15-08, 03:53 PM  
A Kobold Labourer

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Thanks for the good addon!
IronDegu is offline Report comment to moderator  
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Unread 05-09-08, 11:00 AM  
A Deviate Faerie Dragon
funkydude's Avatar
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Thanks for the comments guys, the manual reporting bug is fixed in v1.6
funkydude is offline Report comment to moderator  
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Unread 05-06-08, 11:27 PM  
A Deviate Faerie Dragon

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No need to panic, the person you reported IS the person that got reported, BUT the person in the (brackets) is the last person that got reported by the addon, as that was when the global notice last changed. This is unfixable currently due to latency with reporting a player.

You can test this by reporting someone without the addon, it will show "Complaint Registered" with no name, as the (brackets) are a feature of the addon, just not a perfect feature.
Could just remove the feature if its not working right, to avoid alarming folks. TBH, I wouldn't have noticed the difference until I read this. Personally speaking, I could care less if their name is displayed or not... they're squelched and reported either way.
Gaenjin is offline Report comment to moderator  
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Unread 05-05-08, 05:03 AM  
A Wyrmkin Dreamwalker

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Does work like a charm. Thanks for this great addon.
Sarkan-ZdC is offline Report comment to moderator  
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