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Tsih UI - 1920x1200

Version: 0.0.3
by: Tsih [More]


This UI is meant for PvE mostly. It does not come with many fancy things you might need in arenas or battlegrounds, but it does have everything you need when doing 5man dungeons or raiding. Except for DBM, that's something you want to update frequently. I've played with this UI for a year now and I've found it fill every need I have. If you got right resolution I think you should really try it out. It might not look as good as some others out there, I'll try to keep it updated and also do some other improvements, like support for other resolutions.

Every bit of feedback is appreciated, if you people like it then I'm ready to take care that updates are always up when needed. I'll also try to help you if you ran into problems, just leave a comment!

Included addons

This is the list of the addons I've decided to include at this point. You might want to add some but at least DBM. I didn't include it because I think you should get the newest version anyways and it would add pretty much to the size of this download. Almost every addon of this list is modded in some way, if you have questions then feel free to ask.

Chinchilla Minimap
Grid2 (I've set heals and debuffs so they look same no matter class you play)
rDiabloPlates (by zork, author of Roth UI)
XPerl (you can't see portraits in my pictures but that's just because I'm using OpenGL and it bugs)

Installing the files

Before starting you should make backup of your current Interface and WTF folders (both located in the game directory).

1. Download the zip file and unzip it. You should find two folders, AddOns and Account. Move AddOns folder to /World of Warcraft/Interface/. You might want to delete the one that is already there to prevent any problems.
2. Move Account folder inside your WTF folder. If there's already one before copying, you should remove it.
3. Go to /WTF/Account/ and rename the "ACCOUNTNAME" folder matching your account's name or email, you can look for example from your backup folders.

Setting up the addons

Start the game and log in with the character you want the UI to be set first.

Follow all of these steps:

1. Write /reflux switch Tsih UI. Screen should reload with most of the addons set up right.
2. Write /xperl and select Tsih UI from the bottom left corner. Click "Load" and close settings.
3. (optional) You have to go to Interface menu and turn on Blizzard's raidstyled partyframes. Otherwise you will see your group up there when doing 5mans, as in the first picture.

You should have the thing set up right now.

Changes in 0.0.3
Added Reflux for easier setup
Added Fortifying Brew as Monk defensive cooldown in grid2
Fixed the XPerl for real this time, some sort of brainlag or something happened the last time
Changes in 0.0.2
Supports now 25man raids (without pets), for 40man raids (or battlegrounds?) you have to move grid
PlateBuffs now shows remaining time only once per buff
XPerl shows tooltips for buffs now
Target doesn't have threat meter on top of portrait anymore

Update Grid2 with Monk defensive cooldowns and heals
Changes in 0.0.1
Added Skinner
Tried to fix the problem with XPerl positionsS
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