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Shim Sham

Version: 1.1.0
by: e42randy [More]

A very, very simple and small addon that tracks all things related to shaman buffing.

Tired of having to look at what buffs are in the group/raid in order to figure out what totems to use? The handy-dandy window lists what totem effects are still unprovided, turning them green when you plop the stick down.

Hate having to watch your buff bar to see if you've lost your water/lightning shield? The handy-dandy window tells you, plus a Raid Warning-like message pops up on your screen when the timer or charges are used up (no message actually transmitted to /rw, obviously).

Annoyed with having to keep track of Earth Shield on your tank? Simply make them your focus, and Shim Sham will pop up a Raid Warning-like message when it wears off due to use or timer. (A handy macro to cast it on your focus works well with this)

Bitter that your weapon enchants need constant babysitting? Let the Raid Warning-like messages that pop up when they expire wipe those bad memories away.

All this can be yours from one easy download. Is it pretty? Heck no. Does it do something? Sometimes! Try it today risk-free.

(This addon does not include Healing Stream or the resist totems. Why? Healing is always useful, and resist kinda-stacks with a variety of buffs, and kinda doesn't at the same time. Hey, its free, so you get what you paid for)

(These things in parenthesis are fun! This addon defaults to "off" for any character that's not of the shaman class. If you're leading a raid and want to micro-manage totem assignments post-buffs with this, you'll have to '/shimsham on' it)

For commands and help ingame, type '/shimsham', though really, there's only 'credits', 'on/off', and 'reset', the latter which I'm not even really sure works. Quality at its finest!


Version 1.1.0
Minor Issue Fixed. Occasionally Shim Sham would kick back a null error when dropping a random group while a focused target had earth shield up. Should no longer give that error.
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