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HelloUI (1920x1080)

Version: 2.00 Beta
by: Patchjob [More]

What is HelloUI?

HelloUI started off as personal modification of MonoUI and has hence become an invidivual project to create a useful UI whilst maintaining a simple, sleek and stylish look.

What to expect & what not to expect

- Heavily preconfigured & clean UI, editable via .LUA files.
- Low Memory Usage.
- Ready to use.

Important Notes

- This is the first version of this UI released in MoP, thus it is not finished and to be considered a Beta release
- Please report any Bugs in the comment section
- As I have only used and configured this UI for a paladin so far, bug free use for other classes is not 100% certain, but is something I will be working on for the final release

How to Install

- Backup your WTF and Interface folders
- Extract the WTF and Interface folder in the RAR into your WoW directory and replace the existing folders.
- Rename YOURACCOUNT, YOURSERVER and YOURCHAR folders inside the WTF folder.
- Using ingame command load the "Standard" profile in the following addons:

- Grid
- ACB (/acb)
- MoveAnything (Interface Menu)
- Pitbull

Good to go!

I hope you enjoy.

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Unread 11-04-11, 04:31 AM  
A Defias Bandit
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Thank you for that, didn't know that before.
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Unread 11-03-11, 10:37 PM  
local roygbi-
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A few things:

1) Config.wtf still contains personal data and data that will interfere with different locales. I've uploaded a clean Config.wtf for you.

2) Delete the Launcher.wtf file, as it can also interfere with other people's locales, installations, and PC settings.

Good work on the UI

PS. Another small thing. May want to reduce the file size of the Preview Images. WoWInterface servers can be slow sometimes, so expect around 20sec for people to be able to view the 1.5mb images that are there. Just a little QoL thing
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