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Updated: 05-14-11 09:27 AM
Patch for:
Tidy Plates.
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Updated:05-14-11 09:27 AM
Created:05-14-11 09:27 AM

Tidy Plates 4.2 PTR Fan Update

Version: 6.2b
by: Fiercy [More]

This is an immediate fix for for the PTR. I'm only putting this out so that my guildies and friends have access to it. Since they're having such a hard time editting the LUA code. This FAN update does not implement any commits that the original author danltiger has done or will do. This only fixes the combatlog log "bit/band" problems spamming loads of errors. Use at your own risk.

Please check constantly for danltiger's update since he tends to push out updates quickly. Don't forget, Support Tidy Plates!

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