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BobUI  Popular! (More than 5000 hits)

Version: 6.0.7
by: 10leej [More]

We need to update screenshots --10leej

BobUI is a Default UI modification/replacement/enhancement (call it what you want it really is just a skinned default UI) addon written and intended to be efficient and bug free while still retaining the functionalities of a fully usable UI. To break it down that means BobUI is the default user interface that's been modified to look better while being extremely flexible (practically every part of this UI can be modified in some way).

!Beautycase --Link is to NeavUI download as that contains latest version
!BobSkins --Cause we love skins
BobRaid --Default raid frame skinning for !Beautycase
BobUI --Core UI addon
BobUI-Setup --Just sets chat frames
oUF_Smooth Update
xCT (not xCT+ this is the base xCT)

Installing BobUI:
Backup your "Interface" folder. Then place all the files included in the download in your "Interface" folder. Some aspects may be out of place and requires moving but should work fairly well on any screen resolution.

Non-wide screen resolutions will have to move stuff, I suggest either disabling panels/or just moving everything around to suit your needs. Keep in mind BobUI is built to be flexible and is easily one of the most flexible UI's out there.

For the exact setup in the screenshots I use.
  1. Make a New chat frame call it "G,S,W"
  2. type "/uisetup" this command auto sets the chat windows position and channel. This command is auto called on login or ui reload by BobUI-Setup as well
  3. to ensure rthreat is in correct position type "/rthreat reset"
Configuring BobUI
BobUI is built to be stupid flexible, aka I put in as many config options as I find I can implement.

Thus as Im always find new ways to allow you guys to tinker with the config I have no plans for in game configuration in my own core addons (the ones with Bob in the name generally) and all config is done via the config.lua files listed in each addon.

However if there is a config question merely ask and I'll do my best to tell you how it can be done.
Incompatible addons:
Anything that modifies the default user interface's Actionbars/Unitframes/Clock/Minimap/Loot Frames
Certain parts of MoveAnything
Please post all bugs/issues/qq/death threats in the comments.

BobUI Beta --Patch compatibility/stability not guaranteed.
Check out some of my other addons
Feel like being awesome? Buy me a pepsi, only $1.50 where I live!

Credits to Zork, Quilight, Tukz, Monolit, Blooblahguy, Kemayo, Horau, Nightcracker, tekkub, Tuller, Neal, Gello, Choonster.

Change Log:
For accurate change logs refer to the beta page however this change logs are literally for the release I'm working on.
  • 6.0.7
    "Click Menu" renamed to Click-Menu for github reasons
    purged unneeded files
    general code cleanup
    oUF_Bob Raid frames are disabled by default (as a Healer I personally find them terrible)

    remove viewport code from BobUI (no longer working I never used it anyways)

    add Aurora
    add rThreat
    add Numeration (modified for leeching poison bug)
    add BobRaid (!Beautycase skinned skinned default raid frames)
    add tullaCC
    add tulla Range
    add !Beauty_Aurora
  • actually uploadeds the damn file
  • updated oUF_ShadowOrbsBar to watch for Enhanced Shadow Orbs Perk
  • adjusted watch frame code to reflect chages for ObjectiveTrackerFrame
  • removed SetCVar("mapQuestDifficulty", 1)
  • removed the one bag option (never got it to work the way I wanted it to)
  • adjust bank stuff
  • removed hide option for PVPMicroButton
  • edited out my macro.lua in lib folder likely going to be outright removed

  • fixed paladin holy power issue, apparently paladins have 5 holy power now

  • Finally once again including the fonts folder I forgot about
  • Now Includes BobSkins a somewhat complete skinning addon that skins other addons
  • Numeration swapped out for Recount due to accuracy issues/I kinda need the extra information
  • rFilter3 is not included in this release due to me breaking it
  • There are now more chat backrounds for inner parts between left and right backround though these are not dynamic with scale they can be disabled
  • Including Ketho CombatLog (Recommend setting up a chat frame just for itself)
  • removed castbar.lua from modules (it hasn't been used since v5
  • World map is moveable and becomes transparent when your in motion
  • Added viewport settings for a bottom frame viewport (yep, cause why not?)
  • Minor changes and optimizations all around I can't remember what they all are sorry

    config changes:
  • I can't remember all the changes I've made but I know there's been a few with my resolution change, please double check your config.lua if you get any errors.
  • added world map options
  • remove chat backround options thats now listed under panel options

  • fixed taint on actionbars that also caused bugsack errror spam
  • seeing as fade function is simplified and overall better I added fading to all actionbars, might expand in the future

    config changes:
  • config around actionbars has changed slightly fadealpha and alpha are global but mouseover fade can be toggled per actionbar

  • fixed Aura back backround issue, report bugs as they come.
  • Added xCT, rFilter, rThreat, and Numeration

  • Rewrote a majority of BobUI's code and optimized the rest
  • Unitframes are now handled by oUF_Bob
  • A few functions have been removed I can't remember most of them that were.

  • Skinned the battle.net toast window
  • working on modifying the group roll frames
  • corrected unitframe texture bugs (I think)
  • optimized unitframe code (Actually managed to shave 100 lines of code off)

    config changes:
  • new config options for unitframe textures

  • Files were corrupt in 5.4 not sure what happened

  • Skinned boss frames... partially. They have same issue as arena frames might just make an texture for them both
  • Corrected target aura skin
  • fixed rFilter3 skin, yes it took me 3 months to realize I never put a border on it.
  • Optimized data text, by completely rewriting it of course
  • XP Bar is now colored by cfg.bColor rather than it's own standalone coloring, optimized some code there as well
  • fixed bank frame skin bug for those who haven't purchased all the bank tabs
  • removed micromenu button for store
  • added store option to micromenu list on minimap
  • Rearranged Minimap micromenu and renamed Help to Customer Supprt
  • fixed border issue on DropDown Menus

    config changes:
  • cfg.addonlist now handles showing the maximum number of addons on the data text memory list
  • cfg.quicktalents is disabled by default now it's a little too buggy for it to be enabled imho
  • correct searchbox bug with bag.lua
  • correct bag item frame border sizes
  • updated the forgotful version printout
  • Skinned raid manager, this method may also apply to other frames in the future as it's quite simple
  • cfg.SkinUI now affect all unitframes
  • rewrote chat frames, to prevent errors on whispers in new tabs, they still do not support temporary chat windows


    config changes:
  • removed cfg.bAlpha as all options are handled by cfg.bColor nowadays

    rFilter3 changes:
  • Added config for destruction warlock

  • due to restrictions on non Blizzard code I removed raid manger fading
  • New feature on BobUI, Right underneath the minimap is not a new quick talent option. type /talents for the options
  • adjusted rthreat config to match BobUI better (probably should save the config file from now on...)
  • you can now click on the bottom left corner of the minimap to collapse/expand Objectives frame
  • scrapped bag2.lua never got it working like I wanted so I deciuded to focus my efforts on the other bag file especially since I might have to redo it come next expansion anyways.
  • bag.lua has been rewritten now supports bags and bank!

    config changes:
  • removed cfg.fadeRaidManager
  • cleared out unused config options
  • added config options for new talent menu

  • forgot to upload the file >.>

  • fixed auto repair and trash sell
  • moved test.lua to misc folder
  • New Loot Frames
  • added and modified rThreat to match latest version of BobUI

    config changes:
    changed cfg.AutoSellGreys, cfg.AutoRepair, cfg.guildRepair, cfg.guildOnlyRaid, cfg.printMessage to cfg.automate this not

    includes all the prior features
  • 5.3.6 had wrong license file has been removed

  • toc bump
  • Optimized chat fixed a few errors as well.
  • updated to and modified latest versions of Numeration, and rFilter3
  • Skinned rFilter3 to match BobUI, do not update rfilter3 if you want the skin
  • updated to latest version of adapt
  • BobUI has a new feature to take a screenshot when you get an achievement

    config changes:
  • new config variable cfg.autoshot default is set to true

  • Added Group/Raid check to announcements (you can now stop apologizing for spamming the chat box)
  • Incorporated a new Pull countdown type /inc or /inc # more detailes in feature listing (channel matches announcements)
  • fixed channel bug for announcements
  • Removed the unused auction.lua file
  • updated Numeration to v2.2.7
  • Bumped toc for BobUI

  • Resized Bag Frame so it lines up with minimap a bit better
  • Added a Role Check auto select for role (you have to select the first time after that it auto accepts)
  • Corrected a buf with Group Tabs on raid/party frames showing.
  • BobUI can now auto accept greed/need.disenchant rolls confirmations this is baked into the cfg.AutoConfirmRoll
  • Loot frames now kinda work a bit better
  • Corrected Target of Target/focus target border bugs

    config changes:
  • cfg.AutoConfirmRoll now handles need/greed/de

  • Fixed texture for Target of Target and focus target frames
  • Fixed bank for classic style bags
  • Aurora skin now skins bank for classic bags

    config changes:
  • Defaulted Config for classic bags

  • Added skin support for other addons currently skinning Aurora and BigWigs
  • Removed Image files outside of Addons Folder
  • Cleaned up a lot of code in many a places
  • There is some beta code floating around for loot frames, diminishing returns, and there's a test library as well for adding ability to cast spells by spell ID

    config changes:
  • cfg.bColor now handles color for all backrounds
  • cfg.bAlpha now handles alpha for all backrounds
  • New skinning options for other addons on bottom of config file

  • Added Bag Button
  • Cleaned up bars.lua code
  • Fixed HotKey hiding
  • Added new feature to make BobUI pixel perfect

    config changes:
  • Added cfg.AutoScaleUI for auto pixel perfection
  • Changed cfg.UIscale to cfg.ManualUIscale
  • Added options for new bag button
  • Corrected a grammer mistake for Left and Right Actionbar 2x6 layout, it's actually a 6x2 layout

  • Fixed Interrupt announce though it will annouce outside of a group (cautions be warned)
  • Removed CD announcement I never had working anyway.
  • Corrected some minor positioning issues with threat/damage meter, chat backrounds and actionbars

    config changes:
  • Removed Tooltip Scale
  • Removed CD announce
  • Removed cfg.showgender (hasn't done anythiong for a while now)
  • You can select what channel to spam your announces in

  • Fixed ExtraActionButton so it actually works now though it's quite ugly to look at
  • Added some skinning support for arena frames (need portraits still)
  • Added Class Icon Portraits
  • Added rThreat and skinned
  • modified and added numeration
  • Fixed cfg.StanceButtonsize config option so it actually works now

    Config Changes:
  • Changed configuration for the Extra Action Button
  • Changed Chat frame backround
  • Removed cfg.SWTORstyleGCD option

  • Updated Adapt to version 2.0.6
  • Test bags are being transferred from the test.lua to create a new option called bags2 (cfg.bags2 in config file).
  • Corrected some positioning issues with Stance Bar and ExtraActionButton (stance is on right side of bottom actionbar ExtraActionButton is placed on the upper right of top actionbar).
  • Due to issues with special power bars I am forced to move the Pet Frame to a lower location. Not as pretty but it won't mess up shadow priest/warlocks now.
  • Correct skin bug on target aura frames
  • Correct mislabelled tooltip option
  • XP Bar bug wasn't actually a bug someone didn't realize the XP bar is blank when your not tracking XP or Rep
  • Unitframes are now skinned by art, not lua
  • Corrected cast timer size issue with castbars, should now scale with spell name text properly
  • Removed Unused folders
  • Updated rFilter config to now support fire mages

    5.2.4 (The Bacon UI)
  • chat frame's appear in front of chat backround now
  • rewrote chat tabs BobUI now uses Fane by haste as it's chat tabs
  • chat frames are now only resizable in game and /setchat function has been removed
  • Corrected Status text on unitframes
  • Changed default castbar positioning
  • Made some changes to unitframes to make them a little more pixel perfect (please report if positions are off (excluding the one pixel between the health/mana/portrait)
  • Added xCT (not xCT+ so like everything else no in game config)
  • LightMyMacro was merged into BobUI) so now your macros can glow :)
  • Updated rFilter3 and changed some positioning
  • alDamage meter is removed from this download due to lack of updates will update compilation when
  • alDamagemeter is updated

    5.2.3 (The Bacon UI)
  • There will be a new license for BobUI found in the F.A.Q. section on portal and BobUI\\misc
  • Corrected nonInterruptable Cast bar shield glitch, should be hiding properly now.
  • Reversed the button margin for the left and right frames so it makes it easier to do stuffs
  • Completely rewrote tooltip
  • Close button will look different on all applical frames
  • There is now a file in BobUI\\misc called test.lua name is obvious it does contain beta code for new bags
  • alDamageMeter is skinned to match BobUI (please no longer update yourself if you want skin)
  • Corrected Text locations on the focus frame, sorry I didn;t notice em
  • new known issue: ChatFrames appear behind the chat backround working on fix will be corrected in later update

    5.2.2 (The Bacon UI)
  • Fixed vehicle bar (it was actually a stupid thing on my part)
  • skinned target frame auras
  • did some major cleaning up around actionbars

    5.2.1 (The Bacon UI)
  • did a lot of cleaning up
  • fixed targettarget and focus target frames
  • fixed auto repair/auto junk sell so they actually work now
  • I got tired of searching through .lua files so I changed some organization in the modules

    5.2.0 (The Bacon UI)
  • Corrected some spelling issues.
  • Adding announcements for interrupts, resurrection spells, and raid cd's (untested)
  • completely rewrote combo points and they actually work now
  • added rfilter3 (only configured for all rogues/shadow priest)
  • rewrote player aura frames (no longer using ICONS file you can remove that)

    5.1.0 (The Bacon UI)
  • fixed (hopefully) chat errors
  • fixed vehiclebar
  • eliminated combat glow on unitframes
  • fixed .toc error that cause lib\RangeCheck.lua to not load
  • minor graphics changes made to XP bar
  • removed healthbar from tooltip

    5.0.9a (The Generic UI)
  • corrected version printout for BobUI (aka annoying bobui message)

    5.0.9 (The Generic UI)
  • nameplates actually work now
  • changed strata for watch frame to be higher that way you can click the top listing
  • lowered left and right actionbar strata

    5.0.8a (The Generic UI)
  • behold my idiocy i forgot the entire file >.>

    5.0.8 (The Generic UI)
  • Player and Target frame movable (position is no longer determined by BobUI, now follows default wow movement for frames)
  • Update unitframes to match current WhoaUnitframes version
  • Multiple chat bugs found am looking into a fix for not problem area are commented out
  • Updated AlDamagemeter
  • Some minor tweaking overall
  • bumped toc for 5.1

    5.0.7a (The Generic UI)
  • forgot the damage meter

    5.0.7 (The Generic UI)
  • BobBars is included (actionbars removed from BobUI got tired of unpairing the two)
  • Removed mActionbars
  • Working on Notifications support is tricky will update in a while (5.0.8 possibly?) until I get it to work better addon was removed but support still remains if you want to use it (I don;t get a lot of chances to test it myself)
  • Removed Bobmedia it will be included as a seperate file found here.

    5.0.6 (The Generic UI)
  • Minor bug fixes.
  • Could get the Vehicle bar to work with BobUI's actionbars, removed and replaced with mActionbars
  • Optimized code for some stuffs
  • Default Raid Frames are skinned and can be resized better than default UI typically allows
  • Unused folder called Bobmedia, it's unused
  • Added alDamagemeter
  • Added Notifications and support for BobUI
  • BobUI once again has it's own bags (modified version of nBags by Game92)

    5.0.5 (The Generic UI)
  • Fixed minimap and Unitframe border issues (I think mights missed one or two)
  • Fixed Minimap Mount Journal toggle (it actually works now)
  • There is a known issue with 3d portraits, this is a blizzard bug. Added config options to remove portraits.
  • Add XP bar
  • BobUI not has an integreated version of tullaRange and tullaCC no need to run those addons now
  • Added a new feature for keybinding type /kb to bind keys (works just like mActionbars/Bartender keybinding

    5.0.4a (The Generic UI)
  • fixed Right Bar placement bug
  • castbars are positioned appropriate to unitframes to get them out of the way.

    5.0.4 (The Generic UI)
  • BobUI now has it's own Nameplates (inspired by m_nameplates)
  • BobUI now has it's own Unitframes
  • Fixed stancebar now supports fading
  • you can now disable some actionbars if you don't use them
  • Updated Adapt
  • Removed nugrunning (I didn't like it)
  • Added config.lua and actually put something in it
  • BobUI now has module control so you can turn off modules if you want
  • Added tullaRange
  • Added tullaCC
  • Turned !Beautycase into a library removed unused/unnecessaery parts
  • Merged !UISkinner with BobUI

    5.0.3 (The Generic UI)
  • Added fade options to actionbars.lua in BobUI
  • Added a new liscense to BobUI (thanks World of Addons)
  • Added a modified version of nugrunning (modified config and texture)
  • Added a modified version of m_Nameplates (!beautycase border)
  • Modified Adapt so it doesn't taint the glyph frame
  • Worked on !UISkinner a little more
  • Unitframes should look a little better still a W.I.P. (pet frame is extra annoying).
  • Finally fixed WatchFrame (turns out it was a speling error)
  • Fixed Group Finder error for Minimap

    5.0.2 (The Generic UI)
  • wasn't actually released it was a mistake on my part where I updated this package and forgot the upload so it was force labelled as 5.0.2

    5.0.1 (The Generic UI)
  • Heavilly expanded on actionbars.lua need people to test vehicles in the beta
  • Worked on some textures for Unitframes, their crappy;y made and need a cleanup job, but they work.
  • Modified Adapt's default settings to work better with new textures
  • Bumped .toc files
  • Changed unitframes to whoaUnitFramesCaster from whoaUnitFrames
  • removed rActionBarStyler
  • added config.lua (not used yet will be expanded on when I'm finishing up everything else)

    5.0.0 (The Generic UI)
  • Added rActionBarStyler (though it doesn't support a 2x6 layout for the side bars like mActionbars does, it's also much more lightweight)
  • Commented out all of modules\actionbars.lua to temporarily resolve an issue will look into later
  • Made some minor adjustments to BobUI added a few more config options as well

    5.0BETA (The Generic UI)
  • Removed oUF and associated addons
  • Added whoa Unitframes
  • Added unitframes.lua to shift default unitframes around
  • Added actionbar.lua to edit default actionbar functions
  • mActionbars beta version is not updated for current beta build so using bBars until then
  • Addded Adapt to provide cool 3d portraits (has to set ingame)
  • Ampere is not updated for MoP yet removed until then
  • The skinning.lua file in BobUI has now been moved to be it's own seperate addon !UIskinner also skinned a few more things with it.
  • Added castbar.lua to add a castbar to BobUI
  • Added a lot of new and shiney config options at the top of most .lua files in modules a seperate config file is being planned.
  • Removed Bobbars until I can get it to work better
  • shNameplates has not been updated yet, they will be added as soon as shUI posts an update

    4.3 (The lumen UI)
  • Added Bobbars (keeping mActionbars in download for the people that prefer that instead)
  • Added tullaRange
  • Minor bug fixes
  • Adjusted some configuration settings within oUF_lumen
  • ZoneText should now be centered on the screen
  • Rearranged BobUI folder for future instalations
  • Moved WatchFrame to the left so people can click quest items without having to move an actionbar
  • Added tekKrush script to tweaks.lua
  • Minor font changes to nStats
  • Adjusted default position for bBags so it doesn't block chat

    4.1.2 (The lumen UI)
  • Merged RepairGear
  • Merged bBags (no longer using m_Bags)
  • Auras.lua now does something
  • nBuff removed
  • Ampere added
  • "Textures" folder renamed to "Bobmedia" and is unused, but it does contain the textures I'm using.
  • Added sil ICON:SimpleSquareDK ICON pack (added some missing icons)
  • Added Fonts folder (this goes in WoW directory not the interface folder)

    4.1.1 (The lumen UI)
  • Merged OpenAll with BobUI (will be updating myself as a fan update)
  • Modified m_Chat and merged with BobUI
  • Minor bug fixes (priest class color, ect.)

    4.1a (The lumen UI)
  • Really a bunch of minor updates, none of them serious
  • Raid Frames are now anchored off the Player Frame to make centering them easier (As in I'm using them now)
  • Added oUF_smooth and Experience (cause I'm levelling an alt)

    4.1 (The lumen UI)
  • Removed masque (and affiliated addons)
  • added to !beautycase (created BobUI-skinning.lua) beautycase now skins minimap and actionbars
  • dumped BobUI-Aruas.lua for nBuffs temporarily
  • Added auto sell grey and auto repair to BobUI-tweaks.lua
  • swapped Postal for OpenAll(fan update) I only really used the Openall option for postal anyway.
  • Minor bug fixes if any at all
  • Removed Addon Control Panel (felt it was unnecessary)

    4.0 (The lumen UI)
  • Another complete overhaul Should run at less than 2mb of memory now (yeah roughly 1.3 mb is actually just Aurora and Masque alone)

    3.0 (The Fancy UI)
  • Updated to current UI not gonna list allt he changes, still playing around with stuff though so don't be suprised you might see more updates soon)

    2.1.0 (The TukUI)
  • tuk ui updated, added Basicbuffs, Basicchatmods, Genie, Power Auras, Tidyplates (removed uneeded themes and only kept neon and hub), tuk ui dbm skin, and I readded omen.
  • removed: tellmewhen
    2.0.0 (The TukUI)
  • tukui added, removed half a million addons. Memory should run significantly lower now.
    1.1.1 (The Original UI)
  • After discovering how very uncustomizable pocketplot is I switch it to qMinimap, layout change to
  • Dominos Bar4 is now on a fader and will showup if you mouseover it (poor attempt to make the UI look a bit less buttony) Menubar moved to above the minimap and chatbox is now on the bottom of the screen.
    1.1.0 (The Original UI)
  • Added minimap and nameplate addons (caelnameplates and pocketplot)
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A Molten Giant
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Official forums!

Yep we got some forums now!

This is a beta build of the website and I'm adding more content as I go.
Tweets Website
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Unread 05-21-13, 04:01 AM  
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Patch 5.3

The only issue that I'm aware of with 5.3 is that the nameplate castbars look like crap, please post errors and what not using the bug report link on main page. Regardless as I use monolit's mNameplates as the base for my nameplates I'm waiting to see what Monolit will do with them before I touch them myself.

No still haven't gotten diminishing returns fully implemented to the point of where I trust em so still disabled
Loot Frames will be further delayed
All In One Bag is getting some tweaks done on it to "hopefully" fix the bank no promises as I might just scrap the entire bank part.
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I forgot to document the new skinning options.

BobUI can now skine BigWigs Boss Mods all you have to do is type in the following slash command

/beautybw apply
That will skin BigWigs you can also type in

/beautybw test
to bring up a test mode.

there are config options for the skin at the bottom of BobUI\\config.lua
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Unread 04-30-13, 05:07 PM  
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BobUI's Core addon has been released on curse.com for the people that wish to update through the curse client.
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Unread 04-29-13, 03:28 PM  
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This version has a bit of beta code floating around. For diminishing returns simply go to BobUI\\modules\\diminishing.lua and set

local disable = true

local disable = false
That will load the module (this is largely untested please post errors to comments use [code] tags to improve readability)
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Unread 04-27-13, 05:33 PM  
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5.3.1 Beta is up. Only cosmetic changes placed so far with some beta code for loot
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Originally Posted by gr0by
it doesnt work for me "cfg.Interrupts = true "
I've noticed that too. I'll be working on fixing the group interrupts and CD announces when I get some spare time.
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Unread 04-16-13, 06:30 AM  
A Deviate Faerie Dragon

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it doesnt work for me "cfg.Interrupts = true "
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Unread 04-12-13, 03:24 PM  
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The combat text is xCT you can still use the same file from the 5.2.5 download as there's really been no changes to it besides font

I do quite like the chat frame suggestion just made that default settings though I would personally have it a little darker (5.3 is also moving on to Numeration for the damage meter as it goes into more detail than alDamagemeter does)

also for your damage meter (I assume it's alDamage meter) I suggest throwing in frame:SetBorderPadding(2) in it to make the border fit the frame a little better (the bars in the meter overlap the border frame so it's a neat trick to make it wrap around the frame better

Also just release a second update to fix the arena frame issue, whe I get a chance I'll get a portrait done for them
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Unread 04-12-13, 08:45 AM  
A Deviate Faerie Dragon

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nice one i notice the style from arenaframe but i fount a bug
http://i.imgur.com/lwEopMV.png focusbar
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Unread 04-12-13, 06:04 AM  
A Deviate Faerie Dragon

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5.3 everything makes a solid impression.
only the edges are transparent chat I do not like and i recommend
cfg.bAlpha = 1			--Set chat backround alpha
cfg.bColor = { .0, .0, .0, 0.2 }	--Set chat backround color
I'm not a fan of ScrollingCombatText and i need to know where my dots ticks.
can i issue the display or the blizzard do?
in 5.2.5 i can have both i dont know it is a bug in 5.2.5 but i need this:P

thats my Twink DK Interface
1 http://i.imgur.com/G72FpT2.jpg
2 http://i.imgur.com/ayu1lFc.jpg

with Arenaframes in Bob Style and DR timer i love this interface and it is the first Interface that i dont combine with another Addons *thanks*
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Unread 04-11-13, 10:09 AM  
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Originally Posted by gr0by
"Anyways got class icons coming in next update" one addon less, nice!
is it possible to adjust the grown rows of debuffs? I noticed that under the ToT hide debuffs.
is it dont possible just move the default ToT coords or the debuffline
it is possible, just not in the config file. You'll have to go to BobUI\\modules\\unitframe\\unitframes.lua

and actually near the top you should have something like this

AURA_START_X is horizontal and Y is verticle.

That will move the buffs and debuffs if you want to add more lines adjust "local NUM_TOT_AURA_ROWS = 3" if you want to add more auras per line adjust "local AURA_ROW_WIDTH = 122"

Sometimes I forget just how configurable BobUI is is......

Anyways gr0by if you wanna get the class icons now I have a beta version listed
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Unread 04-11-13, 05:02 AM  
A Deviate Faerie Dragon

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"Anyways got class icons coming in next update" one addon less, nice!
is it possible to adjust the grown rows of debuffs? I noticed that under the ToT hide debuffs.
is it dont possible just move the default ToT coords or the debuffline
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Unread 04-10-13, 07:16 AM  
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Just got a few things to work out, maybe a faint backround or something. Anyways got class icons coming in next update all you have to do is simply disable adapt, though I might work on some character specific configuration for you guys.

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Unread 04-08-13, 03:58 PM  
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Originally Posted by gr0by
thanks it work but this addon have nameplate support.
I try to use as little as possible addons
and a simple all in solution i would prefer.
a stun/fear... icon with timer left side from Arenaframe
works well for the time being the additional addon.

sorry for my bad english (google.translate)
Your english is fine, I'll see if there's a way I can integrate it but it might take some time and there are no promises.
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