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Updated: 11-15-12 05:07 PM
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Mists of Pandaria (5.0.4)
Updated:11-15-12 05:07 PM
Created:09-11-10 12:31 PM
Balance Power Tracker  Popular! (More than 5000 hits)
Version: 1.3.5
by: Copialinex [More]
1.3.5 is BETA, as I don't know for sure the arrow bug is gone, I'd be very grateful if somebody confirmed it either way, thanks!

BalancePowerTracker is an addon designed to provide a highly configurable bar to track Lunar/Solar energy, Eclipse direction and Eclipse buff.
It also can fire wanrnings when you gain Eclipse and provides energy prediction.
It's focused on using the CPU strictly necessary and no more.

Predicted energy analizes your current cast and adds its energy to your current energy, so BPT predicts where your energy is going to be after you finish your cast, and if you are going to proc Eclipse or not.
You can configure the indicators (bar,text,icons,arrow) of the mod to either display predicted or real info.
Also, you can configure the alerts to fire when you are going to get an Eclipse.
(Author's note: I feel Predicted Energy is the heart of BPT, I think without this option I wouldn't have made this addon, also it has taken up most of the time invested in the addon, however, I understand people value the choice to turn this off. At least, give it a try!)

Provides LibSharedMedia, Masque & MikSBT support:
  • LibSharedMedia: Bar textures, alert sounds, fonts
  • Masque: Eclipse icons skin
  • MikSBT: Fire alerts through MikSBT


Can I disable it out of combat?
You can't disable it out of combat, but you can turn the Alpha Out Of Combar to 0, so it won't bother you (CPU load out of combat is pretty much 0).

The energy seems a little erratic...?
Predicted energy & eclipse are enabled by default, with this enabled, the mod will add the energy of you current cast to the bar, if you only want to change the size & position of the energy bar, I suggest you to uncheck this option.

Is there any way to have the awesome Blizzard art?
Enable default art module, you'll get a bar like Blizzard's with some options (not nearly as many as with the Eclipse bar module).

Green bar:
BPT is unable to access the bar/border texture, check if you have uninstalled it.

Pipe ...? In case you want some addon to fetch BPT predicted energy values instead of the real ones, you can try enabling this option. It will try to make ALL the addons and UI elements fetch predicted values.
This option has several drawbacks:
  • You can't choose which addons and UI elements will fetch
  • Increases BPT CPU (& reduces everyone else's) because all calls to UnitPower go through BPT
  • Can cause taint issues (Pipe will disable itself when this happens)
So I think you should leave this option unchecked unless you really need it

Castbar mode ...? With the changes to when energy is gained, you can see the spark in the cast bar as "how many energy of that spell I currently have", so with this option enabled (you should have the spark also enabled), when casting a spell that gives energy, the Eclipse bar will turn in a sort of castbar, still showing the arrow and the energy text. Just have this in mind: this isn't a castbar mod, so it shouldn't replace it, but this option reduces the places you need to have your eyes on.


In v1.1.0 the energy track and predict features were moved into a library called LibBalancePowerTracker. This library is standalone and will avoid loading itself more than once. The API is commented in the first lines of LibBalancePowerTracker-1.1.lua.
v 1.3.5 FIX: Updated LibBalancePowerTracker, hopefully fixing the annoying arrow bug
FEATURE: Added option to show/hide bars in vehicles
FEATURE: Added warning when disabling pipe
FEATURE: Castbar mode has an option to show all spells, even if they don't provide energy
FEATURE: Added option to edit font path in warnings
FIX: EclipseBar hiding switched to use alpha to avoid tainting
FIX: Balance check uses GetSpecialization()
FIX: DefaultArt bar should be hidden correctly
FIX: Improved vehicle detection

v 1.3.4 FIX: Included "" string in localized critter name zhCN to avoid errors in chinese client (couldn't log in beta with that locale)
FEATURE: Added option to completely disable border
FEATURE: Added option to change border size
FEATURE: Grow bar returns
FEATURE: Added option to enable/disable complete addon
FEATURE: Show only icons option added to default art bar
FIX: Options GUI update when changing options from outside
FIX: Options descriptions

v 1.3.3 (Release for MoP)
FIX: Bar spark when having weird screen resolutions
FEATURE: Eclipse Icons added
FEATURE: Default art added
CHANGE: Pipe disabled on action blocked by any addon, just in case
FEATURE: LibSharedMedia support
FEATURE: LibButtonFacade support
FEATURE: Options completed
CHANGE: Removed LibBetterBlizzOptions
CHANGE: Updated LibBalancePowerTracker

v 1.3.2 CHANGE: Very alpha release of new BPT for MoP, UI coded from 0, still many things to do...

v 1.3.1 FIX: New mechanics in LBPT, some weird interactions between skills now are handled OK
(try to gain a Eclipse and then spend a "talent" point... you will see)

v 1.3.0 FIX: Early fix to work with MoP, both BPT and LBPT, many changes inconming!

v 1.2.7 FIX: Module loader fix when having disabled all BPT's side addons
FIX: Conflict with kgpanels via LibSharedMedia

v 1.2.6 CHANGE: Option to ignore virtual energy when you can gain both lunar and solar at the same time (Updated BalancePowerTracker_Options)
FIX: Updated LibBalancePowerTracker (Memory leak fixed, eclipse direction when entering arena, increased time to delete flying spells)
CHANGE: Updated .toc
FIX: Module loader fixed

v 1.2.5 FIX: Updated LibBalancePowerTracker to handle Euphoria & 4T12 bonus hotfix

v 1.2.4 FIX: Issues with lightmymacro
CHANGE: Option to disable the loading message, BalancePowerTracker_Options updated
CHANGE: LibBalancePowerTracker updated

v 1.2.3 FIX: Move freely is now working again
FIX: LibBalancePowerTracker had some bugs fixed and is now updated.

v 1.2.2 FIX; Lua error when Shooting stars proc

v 1.2.1 FIX: Tier 12 fully supported now
CHANGE: LibBalancePowerTracker updated
CHANGE: Minor change due to reachEnd converted into VirtualEcipse (still using reachEnd)

v 1.2.0 FIX: Now working in 4.2 patch.
FIX: Updated libraries.
FEATURE: BalancePowerTracker_Pipe: now you can use BPT's values in PowerAuras when this module is loaded.
FEATURE: BalancePowerTracker_Log: Found a bug? Please, log it with this tool.
CHANGE: BalancePowerTracker_Options: BPT's options were moved into a new AddOn in order to free a little memory.

v 1.1.8 FIX: Now working in 4.1 patch.
Future log compatibility functions
The mark shouldn´t 'dance' at 0,100 and -100 energy anymore.
Extra functions to avoid letting a spell remain in the queue when it must be erased.

v 1.1.7 FIX: MSBT displaying "Move me!" when having alert warning turned off.
FEATURE: You can configure BPT to show/hide Eclipse spell effect using virtual info.

V 1.1.6 FIX: Still more issues with loading/storing settings.

v 1.1.5 FIX: Issues with loading/storing settings.

v 1.1.4 CHANGE: Updated LibBalancePowerTracker.
FEATURE: Added sound effects alerts.
CHANGE: Minor improvements to code.
CHANGE: Updated to use the most recent ACE3 libs

v 1.1.3 FEATURE: Custom form show/hide
FIX: Check Eclipse buff and energy on teleport (for when entering arena)
FEATURE: Option to display lunar energy as negative energy
CHANGE: Updated LibBalancePowerTracker to the last build (1.0.3)
FIX: Reset works with callbacks
FEATURE: Eclipse Chance calculation (Beta stage): See advanced tab.
FETAURE: Statistically Energy calculation (Beta stage): See advanced tab.

v 1.1.2 FEATURE: Added option to change icon texture to media tab.
FIX: Original icons fixed
CHANGE: Icon offset range changed to [-30,30]
FEATURE: Added warning when you interrupt/fail to cast the spell that was going to give you Eclipse
FEATURE: Added other glow.
-LibBalancePowerTracker updated to include PvP bonus and improved eclipse direction fetching

v 1.1.1 CHANGE: Oops, forgot to remove unused libraries, also updated the others.
FEATURE: Added option to change relative point.
FIX: When deactivating LBF, the icons scale correctly.
CHANGE: Minor interface changes to allow the use of external skins.

v 1.1.0 CHANGE: Massive changes to reduce CPU usage by 70%
- Energy track moved to library

v 1.0.8 FIX: Showing addon when visible was not enabled
FEATURE: BalancePowerTracker_SharedInfo.hidden added
FEATURE: BalancePowerTracker_SharedInfo.enabled added
FEATURE: Text color and size can be changed
FEATURE: Icon offset can be changed
FIX: Position sliders gap reduced
CHANGE: Some functions moved from ADDON_LOADED to PLAYER_LOGIN, shouldn't be any problem
FIX: Removed LibButtonFacade, but ButtonFacade is still supported
CHANGE: Hiding behaviour improved
FIX: Arrow not working like it should after teleporting

v 1.0.7 FIX: Showing default blizz frame when getting out of vehicle
FIX: Not showing the foresee energy bar when reaching end
FIX: Bar not updating when teleporting & changing form at the same time
FIX: Enlarging both icons when there was no eclipse direction
FEATURE: Arrow can be scaled
FEATURE: Eclipse icons can be hidden
FEATURE: Show addon when not in Caster/Moonkin Form option
FEATURE: Border color can be changed
FEATURE: Added option to color the entire bar based on direction (You can select the info used to color the bar)
FEATURE: /bpt & /balancepowertracker show the config window
CHANGE: You can now select the info displayed on the icons (before, it used arrow's info)
CHANGE: Icons can be scaled
FEATURE: Original Icons can be selected (Need some tweaks)
FEATURE: ButtonFacade support
FEATURE: Bar can be set to vertical or horizontal
FEATURE: Added public functions to enable/disable/show/hide the addon and to start/stop foreseeing energy

v 1.0.6 Not detecting instant SS bug fixed (I didn't find this one on time)

v 1.0.5 Created & using SpellQueue ADT, easier to maintain code
In text you can configure which energy should be displayed
In arrow you can configure which info should be displayed
You can hide the former "addEnergy" bar without losing the benefits of Foresee energy
Add energy renamed to "Foresee energy"
Options clarified

v 1.0.4 Perfomance improved: CPU usage reduced by aprox. 65-70%!
Alpha OOC added!
Fixed textures
Fixed not showing Virtual Eclipse on instant SS cast bug
Share Info and Same Color options removed
Options Revamped
Added screenflash warning
Added function to enlarge the icon of the eclipse you should aim to

v 1.0.3 Uptaded "add energy" to the last ptr build (13082)
You can choose between arrow instead and spark (if you choose arrow, the text will move so you can see the arrow)
You can hide the energy text
New function added: Warnings
Bunch of minor bugs fixes

v 1.0.2 Uptaded "add energy" to the last ptr build (13033):
-SS fixed energy
-fixed WR sometimes 14 energy
-unregister its events when not using it, to free CPU
Fixed checking form when not having all forms trained
Info box in style tab
Strata and alpha can be changed!
v 1.0.1 Fixed Blizz Frame showing when not Balance and some bugs also with Blizz Frame & Power tracker
Fixed missing lib
v 1.0.0 Release
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1.0.0 Beta
09-11-10 12:31 PM

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Unread 10-10-10, 07:26 AM  
A Kobold Labourer

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If you click off Add energy under the general section, The addon won't give you the "Eclipse Soon" warning.
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Unread 10-08-10, 02:57 AM  
A Kobold Labourer
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Great addon!
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Unread 10-05-10, 03:48 AM  
A Kobold Labourer

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not really a bug but:

Warning otions

you missed the P in options
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Unread 09-26-10, 05:32 PM  
A Kobold Labourer
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Originally posted by Copialinex
I think I fixed that bug in the next version (1.0.2), I was working on some other changes before uploading it. Thank you for the feedback!
That's good news!

Thanks for coming up with this; I haven't seen anything else quite like it and it fits very nicely into my UI
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Unread 09-26-10, 01:07 PM  
A Murloc Raider
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Originally posted by Orenn
I like the configurability of the addon but, for whatever reason, it disappears when I shift into moonkin form. Which doesn't help me much...
I think I fixed that bug in the next version (1.0.2), I was working on some other changes before uploading it. Thank you for the feedback!
Last edited by Copialinex : 09-26-10 at 01:07 PM.
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Unread 09-26-10, 10:56 AM  
A Kobold Labourer
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I like the configurability of the addon but, for whatever reason, it disappears when I shift into moonkin form. Which doesn't help me much...
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