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oUF mono  Popular! (More than 5000 hits)

Version: 5.0.5
by: Monolit [More]


oUF_mono is a layout for oUF 1.5.* by haste.
It was designed for my personal needs as hybrid class, so it should be comfy for either damage dealers, healers or even tanks.

This layout was made using zork's structure template from oUF_Simple and the raid module was inspired by Freebaser's oUF_Freebgrid.

This layout contains some basic configuration options via editing cfg.lua. However if you want to modify this layout beyond those settings you're going to need some lua knowledge and you got to read through oUF documentation. You may also find some answers and help in the oUF sub-forum on this website. Keep in mind that I will not modify this layout for you.

Supported Unit Frames:

  • Player
  • Target
  • Pet
  • Target of Target
  • Focus
  • Focus Target
  • Party
  • Party Pets
  • Arena
  • Arena Targets
  • Boss
  • Raid 25/40
  • Main Tanks
  • MT Targets
Key Features:
  • Some easy to modify configuration settings (cfg.lua);
  • Range check;
  • Vehicle support;
  • Smooth bar updates;
  • Smart HP display;
  • Combo Points;
  • Current target indicator (">") for arena and party frames;
  • Custom aura timers;
  • Extensive unit classification information;
  • LFD icons for party frames;
  • Rune bar support for Death Knights;
  • Eclipse bar for Druids;
  • oUF_boring_TotemBar support;
  • Specific power display for Shamans(shields), Priests(orbs), Warlocks (soul shards), Druids (wild mushrooms), Paladins (holy power);
  • Transparent 3D portraits for target and player frames;
  • Gradient health bar color based on HP ammount;
  • Raid marks support;
  • Leader, ML, combat icons support;
  • Mouseover highlights for every frame;
  • PvP trinket icon for arena frames (oUF_Trinkets included);
  • AuraTracker support (oUF_AuraTracker included);
  • Aura timers for buffs/debuffs;
  • Castbars for player, target, focus and arena frames;
  • Custom latency display for player's castbar (mimicking quartz method);
  • Ticks detection for few important spells on player's castbar;
  • Uninterpretable casts detection;
  • Custom castbar for focus frame;
  • Druid shapeshift mana support (displayed as additional number when shapeshifted);
  • Player's buff, debuff and temporary enchant frames stylization;
  • Smart buff/debuff type highlights;
  • oUF_CombatFeedback support;
  • Grid raid frames based on oUF_Freebgrid;
  • Main tanks and MT targets support.
Raid Features:
  • Custom class indicators (raid\tags_raid.lua);
  • Vehicle support;
  • oUF_HealComm and oUF_ResComm support (both plug-ins are included);
  • Aggro border highlight;
  • Custom debuff filter (raid_debuffs.lua);
  • Target and focus border highlight;
  • Raid size will switch automatically to displaying 8 groups if you have more than 30 people in raid (can be disabled in cfg.lua)
  • Numeric tracker for certain class buffs;
  • Support for horizontal and vertical bar orientation;
  • Ability to display party as 5 men raid group;
  • Power bars display for mana users;
  • Ready check icons (oUF_ReadyCheck included).
To Do:
  • make some beautiful screenshots (Battlegrounds suck big time);
  • fix something that is broken.
Frequently Asked Questions:
  • Q: Is it a bad thing to shoot pedestrians with your bow through the back window of your car?
  • A: Yes it is, because you can't see the road then.
  • Q: How do I get rid of the raid frames?
  • A: Either turn it off in cfg.lua or just remove "oUF_mono\raid" folder.
  • Q: RAID PETS??????
  • A: DIAF.
  • Q: How do I remove duplicate timers on my buffs and debuffs?
  • A: You're running some sort of cooldown timer add-on, therefore you have to disable layout's custom timers by setting "cfg.auratimers" to "false".
  • haste - for the amazing framework;
  • zork - for oUF_Simple;
  • Freebaser - for code I used from oUF_Freebgrid;
  • Allez - for castbar modifications and oUF_Trinkets;
  • p3lim - for oUF_ReadyCheck;
  • Guardix - for oUF_ResComm;
  • yj589794 - for oUF_HealComm.
This add-on was originally posted as part of my UI compilation: Mono UI

====== v. 5.0.5 ======
oUF_mono: player & target unitframes repositioned
oUF_mono: added missing indicators for monks
oUF_mono: fixed tags counter tags for POM, ES, etc.
oUF_mono: fixed error with abbrev function of totembar module
oUF_mono: removed abbreviations from totem bar
oUF_mono: reworked class specific powers to fit new ClassIcons design in oUF
oUF_mono: added option to undock AltPowerBar from the player frame (cfg.UnDockAltPowerBar) and set custom position for it (cfg.AltPoiwerBarPosition)
oUF_mono: altPowerBar applied to pet unit to prevent it disappearing when in vehicle
oUF_mono: repositioned player's altPowerBar
oUF_mono: added monks to dispell table
oUF_mono: added various raid tags and indicators for monks (healing)
oUF_mono: added multiple indicators for various classes, also fixed old indicators appearence

====== v. 5.0.4 ======
oUF_mono: fixed tag error occuring when some tracked buffs return 0 as its' stack number
oUF_mono: added different coloring for player's own prayer of mending or earth shield

====== v. 5.0.3 ======
oUF_mono: altpowerbar position replaced to the bottom of HP frame, still WIP to find a better position
oUF_mono: added option to move class-specific power bar (check cfg.lua)
oUF_mono: fixed aura timers not showing @ debuff icons when debuff source is not player
oUF_mono: implemented new reworked totembar plugin
oUF_mono: layout adjusted to reflect totembar changes
oUF_mono: implemented timers for totembar
oUF_mono: raid debuffs updates
oUF_mono: new Shadow orbs implementation
oUF_mono: implemented warlock, monks, shadow priest and paladin specific power bars
oUF_mono: modified DK runes to fit new style of class specific powers
oUF_mono: reworked eclipse bar for druids
oUF_mono: altPowerBar moved to the bottom of the frame, will need to figure out a better positioning for this thing
oUF_mono: added full list of known raid debuffs to the raid_debuffs.lua, some of them may be useless - it's up for you to decide as I don't raid @ beta servers
oUF_mono: raid_tags.lua updated, might need some tweaks but all current IDs are up to date
oUF_mono: fixed division by zero error in ReverseBar function
oUF_mono: updated list of spellIDs in AuraTracker
oUF_mono: fixed aura size error
oUF_mono: tags system, new syntax
oUF_mono: updated tag events
oUF_mono: raid frames updated
oUF_mono: special powers for warlocks now displayed as number @ player unit frame (temp. solution)
oUF_mono: lightning shield display fixed
oUF_mono: threat border edge size increased to 1 for party frames (needs testing)
oUF_mono: added cfg.Enable3DPortrait to the cfg.lua file

====== v. 4.4.3 ======
oUF_mono: added buffs for the boss frames
oUF_mono: reverted right click menu change, so we get our precious 'set MT/assist' options (although /mt is just much easier way to set MTs)
oUF_mono: castbar will now correctly display tick marks on 2 consecutive channeling casts with different channeling time
oUF_mono: added few Dragon Soul raid debuffs
oUF_mono: implemented oUF_Swing support (you need oUF_Swing plugin for it to work)
oUF_mono: small castbar fix for the latency display
oUF_mono: raid debuffs updated for Dragon Soul, removed/modified old debuffs
oUF_mono: added ability to use spellIDs instead of spell names in raid_debuffs.lua to give some certain debuff priority (screw you Deep Corruption)
oUF_mono: added debuff timers for the raid frames (new option in cfg.lua), it's on by default
oUF_mono: fix for debuff module, aparently class varriable went missing ...

====== v. 4.4.2 ======
oUF_mono: clean up, removed useless SetAtributes
oUF_mono: added uninterruptable cast coloring for boss frames' cast bars
oUF_mono: 3d portrait fix for worgen male charracters
oUF_mono: added maelstrom weapon stacks (for enh. shamans) display to the special power indication
oUF_mono: player debuffs/auras/buffs frame repositioned to the left of player unit frame
oUF_mono: optimized initial config settings for units/headers, removed few unnecessary varriables in core.lua and core_raid.lua
oUF_mono: removed 'set focus' from the player menu
oUF_mono: added option to enable/disable right-click menu for raid frames
oUF_mono: raid_debuffs updated with Firelands debuffs
oUF_mono: added few Ragnaros and Majordomo spells in raid_debuffs.lua
oUF_mono: implemented threat indications for party frames
oUF_mono: .toc update for 4.2

====== v. 4.3.1 ======
oUF_mono: fixed statusbar texture sometimes causing little distortions at the sides
oUF_mono: fixed party pets and arena tot frames' dimensions
oUF_mono: removed some left over stuff from raid background
oUF_mono: implemented new specific power display for party frames (supports ES for shamans, PRoM for priests and LB for druids) much like in raid frames
oUF_mono: ES, PrOM and LB raid tags has been moved from raid_tags.lua to tags.lua
oUF_mono: implemented new look for unit frames: 'Reverse HP bars', it is on by default and can be disabled in cfg.lua (cfg.ReverseHPbars)
oUF_mono: minor structure changes in lib.lua and tags.lua
oUF_mono: fixed auras overlay texture distortion
oUF_mono: reworked player auras position updater
oUF_mono: added new feature to display aura timers only for auras cast by player, new option available in cfg.lua: cfg.PlayerTimersOnly
oUF_mono: modified aura timers so they remain visible with cfg.PlayerTimersOnly enabled on player's debuffs
oUF_mono: fixed Wrack debuff tag so it doesn't give you any lua errors if it's missing time value (i.e. when you released)
oUF_mono: stack text color changed to white instead of grey
oUF_mono: aura timers colors adjusted (yellow by default and red when about to expire)
oUF_mono: increased auras size and decreased the ammount of debuffs per row for target/player units
oUF_mono: small adjustments to player/target frames' width
oUF_mono: repositioned and reworked ToT/Pet/Focus/Focus target frames
oUF_mono: pet and target frames now only display debuffs
oUF_mono: increased player, target and focus castbar size
oUF_mono: increased buffs/debuffs size and spacing on party/arena/tot/pet frames to avoid overlay texture distortion
oUF_mono: aura timers moved down a bit to avoid outline overlapping overlay texture
oUF_mono: arena, party and boss frames position adjusted
oUF_mono: fixed kinda missanchored default position for party/arena/boss frames (bleh...)
oUF_mono: fixed number od buffs/debuffs displayed @ player frame
oUF_mono: re-implemented aura tracker for arena frames
oUF_mono: added timer for arena aura tracker
oUF_mono: updated optional deps in .toc
oUF_mono: eclipse bar direction indicators fixed
oUF_mono: removed pet happiness color from the name tag for 4.1

====== v. 4.1.8 ======
oUF_mono: raid_debuffs updated
oUF_mono: implemented specific indicator for Sinestra's 'Wrack' debuff allowing players to determine the ammount of time it's been active by color (indicators.lua & raid_tags.lua)

====== v. 4.1.7 ======
oUF_mono: implemented alternative power bar for player and boss frames
oUF_mono: fixed Shadow Protection buff display on raid units for other than enGB clients
oUF_mono: improved lightning shield display tag for shamans
oUF_mono: implemented Wild Mushrooms display as one of the specifig powers (not tested)
oUF_mono: player and target frame moved up a bit
oUF_mono: added option to choose what kind of player auras you want to see on the player frame
oUF_mono: removed frame dragging function, as it had pretty much no use
oUF_mono: properly adjusted comments and some of the config settings in cfg.lua (doesn't need any modifications if you wish to keep old config files)
oUF_mono: PLAYER_TOTEM_UPDATE correctly handled as Unitless event, thus wild mushrooms display issue should be resolved
oUF_mono: visibility fix for 40 man raid groups with party/raid5 option(s) enabled.
oUF_mono: minor mono:hp tag change
oUF_mono: minor hp/pp bar size adjustments
oUF_mono: improved fake target frame
oUF_mono: removed brackets from resting indicator
oUF_mono: added Engulfing Darkness (Maloriak) debuff to the raid_debuffs.lua

====== v. 4.1.6 ======
oUF_mono: player's name will be properly displayed in raid frames when player drives the vehicle
oUF_mono: safezone visible at channelling cast bars
oUF_mono: fixed DDG info update being wacky at times on raid frames
oUF_mono: modified paladins' and druids' tags
oUF_mono: updated TagEvents for most of the tags to fix the issue with *stuck* name/hp/status
oUF_mono: fixed grid name tag events
oUF_mono: more comments in tags.lua
oUF_mono: implemented resting indicator
oUF_mono: removed few unused power colors
oUF_mono: removed happiness bar coloring from all the frames
oUF_mono: fixed player's pet name tag color to correctly display happiness
oUF_mono: reverted TagEvents change
oUF_mono: added frequentUpdate to the hpval tag for raid frames in attempt to fix impropperly updated names
oUF_mono: removed safezone on player vehicle's castbar to avoid it overlapping whole cast bar after relog
oUF_mono: removed dynamic castbar cooring for cast bar, thus added option to set specific cast bar color in cfg.lua (cfg.cbcolor)
oUF_mono: resting indicator moved few pixels to the right to avoid overlapping with level text
oUF_mono: bug fixes... less 6 AM coding
oUF_mono: increased the frequentUpdate clock to 1 second which should draw close to nothing CPU usage outprint while fixing the name/hpvalue tags update bug
oUF_mono: added oUF_CombatFeedback as part of the default functionality (new option in cfg.lua)
oUF_mono: enable CombatFeedback on the target frame
oUF_mono: canged files structure a bit: Castbar.lua moved to the \embed folder
oUF_mono: Abomination might for DKs on raid frames, removed AM from BOM indicator
oUF_mono: removed OnUpdate from hpval on raid and party frames as it was slowing down the update on those fields
oUF_mono: added (again) option to turn raid frames off if there are less than 5 people in the raid group (cfg.raid5ON)
oUF_mono: added raid background with options in cfg.lua
oUF_mono: MTT frames visibility modified
oUF_mono: removed temporary fix for name text fields
oUF_mono: fixed safezone going beyond castbar borders in vehicles
oUF_mono: implemented totem bar plugin based on oUF_boring_totembar
oUF_mono: added abbreviated totem names for totem bars
oUF_mono: fixed RiadBG position on entering a big raid after being part of a group
oUF_mono: RaidBG frame now has a dynamic size based on what sizes you set in cfg.lua
oUF_mono: fixed error for channeling castbars in vehicles (those actually DO exist! o_O )
oUF_mono: added magic debuffs highlights on raidframes for druids and shamans
oUF_mono: removed some leftover debug code from raid frames
oUF_mono: re-implemented PartyPets
oUF_mono: new way of spawning raid groups
oUF_mono: removed 'soloON' option from config.cfg as it was useless
oUF_mono: raid frames now dynamically change their size to 8 group mode if there are more than 30 people in the group
oUF_mono: added new option to cfg.lua: cfg.raid40swap allowing you to disable dynamic raid frames resize
oUF_mono: reworked visibility conditions for raid and party
oUF_mono: arena frames will be automatically disabled if Gladius is loaded
oUF_mono: player power value will be updated 5 times a second now
oUF_mono: removed Drain Soul ticks from the castbar
oUF_mono: corrected Drain Life and Drain Mana ticks indicators on castbar
oUF_mono: MT frames are properly resizeable now
oUF_mono: de/buffs timers fixed for player and tartget, it should work correctly with existing options now
oUF_mono: BOTTOMRIGHT and TOPRIGHT indicators switched positions on the raid frames, i.e. LB/PRoM/ES counters now will be in TOPRIGHT corner
oUF_mono: 8 groups layout will only toggle if there are more than 35 people in the group
oUF_mono: removed Drain Life ticks from castbar code

====== v. 4.0.6 ======
oUF_mono: added config option to remove RaidManager button
oUF_mono: fixed raid frames stye for 8 groups layout
oUF_mono: frames scaling fixed
oUF_mono: repositioned pet and tot frame (cfg.lua)
oUF_mono: cleaned up arena trinkets code (timers for them are still on my TODO list)

====== v. 4.0.5 ======
oUF_mono: disabled incoming heal text by default
oUF_mono: moved up player and target frames a bit, so they don't overlap cluster backgrounds at lower resolutions

====== v. 4.0.4 ======
oUF_mono: updated raid tags for paladins
oUF_mono: threat border lines
oUF_mono: core optimizations
oUF_mono: re-implemented MT targets
oUF_mono: optimized raid frames code and structure
oUF_mono: fixed earth shield raid tag
oUF_mono: implemented healing prediction support (bars and text)
oUF_mono: adjusted background color and alpha for all frames (0 opacity) makes it easier to read
oUF_mono: 3d portraits size and frame level adjustments

====== v. 4.0.3 ======
oUF_mono: typo in raid tags
oUF_mono: fixed spell IDs for castbar ticks detection
oUF_mono: .toc bump

====== v. 4.0.2 ======
oUF_mono: updated raid tags for paladins
oUF_mono: threat border llines

====== v. 4.0.1 ======
oUF_mono: added maintank frame , no MTtargets yet though
oUF_mono: updaed to work with oUF 1.5.X
oUF_mono: disabled default raid frames if cfg.showraid option is on
oUF_mono: added position and size settings for player and target cast bars
oUF_mono: reduced the ammount of debuffs displayed on pet and tot frames
oUF_mono: re-implemented threat coloring for raid frame borders
oUF_mono: updated raid tags for paladins
oUF_mono: implemented direction indicator for eclipse bar
oUF_mono: removed player buff frame styling code and options values
oUF_mono: aura overlay texture modified
oUF_mono: added orbs display for shadow priests like one of the specific powers
oUF_mono: fixed default buff frame positioning so it doesn't jump to the default position when consolidate holder is shown
oUF_mono: changed LFD role indicator from icons to text tag display (T, H, D) for both party and raid frames
oUF_mono: repositioned LFD role indicator
oUF_mono: debuff icon border altered to look sharper
oUF_mono: re-enabled raid and party frames (more or less stable)
oUF_mono: fixed power tag issue for unknown powertypes
oUF_mono: level display altered (now it won't hide info text for level 80 units)
oUF_mono: fixed range check
oUF_mono: implemented Soulshards and Holy power display
oUF_mono: new way of displaying combo points
oUF_mono: aura border texture adjusted
oUF_mono: changed tick detection method for castbars (now requires localization though)
oUF_mono: removed rescomm and healcomm
oUF_mono: raid disabled for now
oUF_mono: added .noCooldownCount
oUF_mono: changed spellids to actual spell names in AuraTracker
oUF_mono: disabled oUF_AuraTracker for arena frames for now
oUF_mono: fixed smooth updates
oUF_mono: removed partypets
oUF_mono: temporary solution for buff frames position for Beta if cfg.stylebuffs set to false
oUF_mono: fixed range check for party frames
oUF_mono: fixed and updated aura indicators for raid indicators
oUF_mono: fixed tag events for power updates
oUF_mono: updated cfg.lua options
oUF_mono: fixed raid spawning functions
oUF_mono: temporary removed range check on raid units
oUF_mono: disabled threat display untill I figure out how to fix it

====== v. 3.4 ======
oUF_mono: oUF_CombatFeedback support

====== v. 3.3 ======
oUF_mono: target auras will move up when combo points are being displayed
oUF_mono: adjusted raid marks' frame level so it doesn't overlap unit's name
oUF_mono: partypets reworked and now properly attach to their owners
oUF_mono: added Leader, Assist and ML icons for party and player frames
oUF_mono: changed the way frames recieve their names so be careful and make sure to check cfg.lua and edit frames' position
oUF_mono: removed old CP texture
oUF_mono: reworked the way party pets spawn (again)
oUF_mono: removed cfg.showpartypet option from the config file since they are on by default now.

====== v. 3.2 ======
oUF_mono: Runebar's border adjusted a little to look a bit sharper
oUF_mono: added oUF_TotemBar support
oUF_mono: added oUF_AuraTracker support and it's also been integrated into arena frames
oUF_mono: added few options to set font size and icon size threshold for aura timers
oUF_mono: added option to turn raid frames off if there are less than 5 people in the raid group (cfg.raid5ON)
oUF_mono: reworked combo points display method (now mimicking rune- and totem bars)
oUF_mono: few minor code optimizations
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Unread 09-19-12, 06:27 PM  
A Black Drake
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Originally Posted by drnkn
maybe i use the wrong ouf version?(latest github version)
yes yes and yes

Latest version has class specific powers merged into 1 bar so use the stable one for now. In other words Github version of oUF does not have holypower bar module.
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Unread 09-19-12, 05:38 AM  
A Kobold Labourer

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dont know if it really help:

left side tankpala lvl40 with no holypower(top) and one holypower(bottom)

then i thought maybe a error cause

but on the right side holypala lvl85 with no holypower(top) and five holypower(bottom)

used weak auras to show how many holypower i really have.

sry 4 my bad english

however did some testing with a premade character at beta realms and it worked fine (tested with holy spec)
hmm... killed my wtf and interface folder....create a premade downloaded only ouf / oufmono (dont make any changes) and it doesnt work...(holy spec). it shows no reaction on holypower gain. it shows always the five bars.

maybe i use the wrong ouf version?(latest github version)
Last edited by drnkn : 09-19-12 at 06:33 AM.
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Unread 09-17-12, 07:22 AM  
A Black Drake
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Originally Posted by Zathan666
Feature request: 1- Would it be possible to add the option to show mana % rather than "total amount text"
It's not that hard and you can do it yourself, just check tags.lua, the tag you should be looking at is monop.
This actually makes sense with the new mana system, so I might add an option later.

Originally Posted by Zathan666
could it be that the holypowerbar is broken?
uhm, you're not the first one to ask about holy power, but I don't have paladin so I can't really debug it myself. I pretty much dry-coded holy power bar, however did some testing with a premade character at beta realms and it worked fine (tested with holy spec).

So be more specific on what kind of weird behavior do you get with that module?
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Unread 09-16-12, 08:51 AM  
A Kobold Labourer

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Originally Posted by Zathan666
2- Ability to turn off the portrait in the background.
cfg.Enable3DPortrait = false (cfg.lua)

could it be that the holypowerbar is broken?
Last edited by drnkn : 09-16-12 at 08:52 AM.
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Unread 09-05-12, 09:32 AM  
A Murloc Raider
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Feature request: 1- Would it be possible to add the option to show mana % rather than "total amount text"
2- Ability to turn off the portrait in the background.

If you could add this, you'd make my day.
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Unread 09-04-12, 11:55 AM  
A Black Drake
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Originally Posted by Niconaze

Any update for this layout for MOP ?
Yes it's coming, in fact it's updated as part of my Mono UI, so you can use actual version of oUF_mono from there.
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Unread 09-04-12, 11:04 AM  
A Defias Bandit
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Any update for this layout for MOP ?
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Unread 04-12-12, 06:36 AM  
A Cyclonian
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I want to move the balance bar to a different position. Now, i'm not asking for you to do it for me but i can't find it in the code. Can you give me a pointer to where i should look?
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Unread 04-12-12, 05:37 AM  
A Kobold Labourer

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Cool Some suggestions

Thank you for bringing us the best addon ever please take a time considering some features being added like:
A spark on the healthbar would be awesome I tend to not get focused on health a lot cuz Cant see properly most times , Also Would you add an option to save Profiles per Character or even per Spec let me give an example the addon saves the positioning globally (When I use Ouf_moveableframes) actually I can only use it for Tank and DPS specs and I wanted to use it for healing aswell. Also an option to show/hide some frames either via ingame commands or by ingame config (on interface->addons menu) Ingame config would be awesome because well its simpler and you could also add the option to sort the party bars horizontally wich I would use for my healing spec on shaman
Oh BTW a Red Mark at 35% Health For Rogues would also be awesome.

Again It's the best Interface mod and I use al the time because it's simple, effective, and well organized
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Unread 01-29-12, 05:00 PM  
A Deviate Faerie Dragon

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Horizontal Party Frames

I just downloaded you oUF layout and it's wonderful !

I just need a little pointing in the right direction to change the party frames from vertical to horizontal please. I should be able to figure it out from there how to make my rows of 5 per. As a healer I use raid/party frames and mouseover macros, and having the party frames moved to the bottom centre of my screen is my "ideal".

If I am asking in the wrong location, (I saw you may not assist in modifying your addon) I shall repost over on the oUF forums for assistance.

Once again thank you for a great looking addon !
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Unread 01-28-12, 02:40 PM  
A Fallenroot Satyr

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can you please add target of target of target please. thanks!
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Unread 01-26-12, 02:34 PM  
A Deviate Faerie Dragon

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Any way to turn the portraits off? I can't find that anywhere in the lua files - great work on these btw
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Unread 12-31-11, 02:01 PM  
A Kobold Labourer

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Is it possible to organize the DK Runes B-B-F-F-U-U as they are in the default UI? B-B-U-U-F-F is not a very good way to organize them for unholy. Other than that I am thoroughly in love with this particular layout. It's very visually appealing and quite functional too!
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Unread 10-26-11, 11:34 AM  
A Black Drake
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Re: HP Spark

Originally posted by Goss444
Is it possible to put a spark on the health bar?

With the blend of the dark texture and background being dark it would visually help to be able to find that little line.

hmmmm never had such a problem with inverted HP display (default), I'll check it out, maybe if the outcome is satisfactory I'll make the option to add a spark available in the future release.
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Unread 10-16-11, 08:06 AM  
A Kobold Labourer
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HP Spark

Is it possible to put a spark on the health bar?

With the blend of the dark texture and background being dark it would visually help to be able to find that little line.

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