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GearGauge  Popular! (More than 5000 hits)

Version: 3.3.2-1.0.2
by: Torhal [More]

A tool to appraise, estimate, or judge your equipment and the equipment of others.

GearGauge assigns values to equipped items for an overall rating based upon the difference in character and item levels, whether or not gems and enchantments (if applicable) are applied, and any bonuses which are supplied.

Official Forum is here.

Translators needed - apply localizations here.


  • Stores information about players you have scanned for later viewing.
  • Provides an LDB datafeed that displays your overall rating.
  • Optional minimap icon for people who do not have an LDB display.
  • The datafeed tooltip displays a list of your equipment and the rating of each item. Mousing over an item shows the bonuses it supplies.
  • Configurable scanning - Who, how often, and should you be notified?
  • Configurable tooltip - Should lines, text, or both be colored? When should it hide?
  • Supports TipTac "skinning".

Slash Commands
GearGauge can be accessed via command-line by using either the "/geargauge" or "/gg" commands, with the following subcommands:

rate (name)
Prints the rating of the named player, who must already have been scanned.

show ([name])
Optional argument. Must be the name of a player whom you have already scanned. If not supplied, will default to your target if you have one.
Shows the equipment of the specified player (or your target if applicable) in a panel identical to the panel shown via the LDB feed.

Opens the configuration panel.

Opens the list panel.

-- 3.3.2-1.0.2
- Minor cosmetic changes to the list panel.
- Fixed issue with the last three entries in the list being printed outside of the frame.
- Set the tooltip's vertical margins to 1 and its horizontal margins to 0.
- Changed the tooltip to prevent interaction with frames below it.

-- 3.3.0-1.0.1
* Incremented ToC version since there have been no reports of issues since the patch.

-- 3.2.2-1.0.1
* When scanning, update the target's guild since it could have changed.

-- 3.2.2-1.0.0
* Fixed party/raid scanning to actually work.
* Fixed average values displayed when scanning party/raid.
* Changed feral attack power rating to not be disproportionately high.

-- beta10
* Removed sorting options from the right panel - sorting can now be done from the names in the column header.
* Changed sorting order to default to descending and swap directions every click, regardless of which mouse button is pressed, rather than sorting in ascending with the right button and descending with the left.
* Temporarily removed the documentation section of the config - will probably end up removing it permanently.
*Removed the main panel titlebox - the panel can be moved by dragging its border.
* Re-added the "panel" slashcmd...I have no idea what possessed me to remove it.
* Removed the "remove" slashcmd - I doubt many people actually typed "/gg remove LongPlayerName" when removing someone is easily done from the list panel.
* Removed the "purge" SlashCmd - purges are now automatically done when the panel is opened, before list generation.
* Fixed the average level/rating report when scanning party or raid.
* Updated Interface to 30200
* The scrollbar isn't needed when the number of entries in the list is less than or equal to the number of lines it can display - remove it when that is the case.
* Refresh the panel when scanning a new entry or purging entries.
* Wrote custom scroll-frame code for the list panel rather than using LibQTip - immense performance improvement, especially when approaching 300 list entries.
* Show faction regardless of scan mode, but use an icon rather than "Alliance" or "Horde".
* An insane amount of under-the-hood changes were made.

-- beta9
Changed sorting so that if two values are equal, the list is sorted by name (not true for name sorting, obviously).
List sorting is now non-case-sensitive.
Added option to display only guild members in the list panel.
The equipment panel will now always appear in the center of the list panel.
Fixed loading order for LibDBIcon and LibDataBroker.
The equipment panel will no longer automatically hide when viewed from the list panel.
When the list panel is closed, the equipment panel will be closed as well.
Gear ratings and average levels are now stored on scan, and are sortable in the list panel.
The list panel's width will now be automatically adjusted based on the contents of the list.
Added value conversion for Feral Attack Power.
If enemy faction scanning is disabled, the faction column will not be shown in the list panel.
Players who have not yet upgraded to WoTLK can now scan those who have.
Several under-the-hood fixes.

-- beta8
The list panel can now be banished by pressing ESC, and dragged around by its title box.
Added a search entry box to the right pane - searches are case-sensitive, so "orc" will not find "Orc".
Removed the "hide", "list", and "panel" subcommands - all of this can be accessed by clicking the icon on the minimap or LDB plugin.
Added WoW 3.2 compatability checks.
There are now display categories on the right pane:
"Raid" - shows everyone in your raid who is either already in the scan list or within scan range.
"Party" - shows everyone in your party who is either already in the scan list or within scan range.
"All" - shows the entire list of scanned players. Mostly useful after performing a search or going to party or raid mode.
Error messages regarding missing translations have been eliminated.
Several under-the-hood cleanups and optimizations were made.

-- beta7
Added level and class coloring to tooltip.
Added tooltip scaling.
Added opening of the list panel to the LDB dataobj via left-click. Config panel is opened via right-click.
Removed header and footer from the list panel - combined into a right-side panel.
Added a border and title box to the list panel.
Made the font in the list panel smaller.
Added difficulty colors to levels in the list.
Added a label header section to the list.
Made the separators in the panel be the character's class color.
Set the list panel to a static height so its appearance is consistent whether empty or not.
If an item has bonuses which cannot be determined (special procs, single-spell enhancements), give the benefit of the doubt by assigning a rating based on item level.
Fixed the last (hopefully) library issue.

-- beta6
Replaced the text dump from the list command with a fully-functional list browser. Entries can be sorted via different criteria in two directions - depending on which mouse button is pressed. Player information can be viewed from the browser by clicking on the player's name, and entries can be removed from the list by ALT+Right-clicking the name.
Added support for Phanx's custom class color addon.
Several bugfixes.
More German, Russian, and French localizations.

-- beta5
Added "panel" subcommand - shows the player's equipment info.
If the panel is currently shown when the player's equipment changes, it will be refreshed.
Added guild display and race to info panel.
Moved level average to the bottom of the info panel.
Shirts and Tabards no longer count toward average item level.
Added minimap icon for people who do not use an LDB display. Can be toggled on in the configuration panel.

-- beta4
Fixed missing libraries.

-- beta3
Fixed LibItemBonus-2.0 reference.
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Unread 12-17-09, 03:41 AM  
A Chromatic Dragonspawn
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Re: Re: 3.3 Version ?

Originally posted by Torhal
Probably sometime after Christmas. I've been working on other projects, and now there is the world event and RL events to contend with...
Understand... And thanks for the quick reply....
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Unread 01-17-10, 03:13 PM  
A Kobold Labourer

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I'm a little confused...

While in general I like this addon, there are some things I don't understand in the way it rates gear. Rather than go into a whole list however, let me use one example. I have equipped on my 59 hunter Drakesfire Epaulets :
item level 61
270 Armor
+14 Intellect
+5 Stamina
+15 Spirit
+10 Fire Resistance

This piece rates at 0.88, which seems a bit low compared to the other rare gear I have equipped. The thing that REALLY has me puzzled though is, I got Piccolo of the Flaming Fire recently as a drop and equipped it to have a laugh with it. In case you're not familiar with it, here's what it does :
Requires Level 53
Item Level 58
Use: Causes nearby players to dance.

That's it. No stats, no "use" that in anyway is beneficial in PvE or PvP. Its rating? 3.00. Compare that with Devilsaur Tooth :
+5 Agility
Item Level 52
Use: Increases your pet's attack power by 200 for 20 sec.

This rates at 0.19. Six level item difference aside, does this seem a little strange to anyone else?

Believe me, I'm not trying to criticize, I've done a little bit of code here and there, although I'm honestly just a dabbler, but enough to know that things can come out different from what's expected no matter how carefully you work it out. The only reason I'm even posting this is my guild has had a couple of issues with people getting booted from dungeon groups because their GearGauge score wasn't high enough, even though they'd been through said dungeon several times and always performed well. Obviously, this is no fault of your's, people just seem to be relying on it too much at times

I've also noticed from time to time a weapon with seemingly superior stats and DPS will have a lower rating than a seemingly inferior one. Same with armor pieces. So, although I use the addon and enjoy it, it seems to need a little tweaking yet .
Last edited by Arghos : 01-17-10 at 03:15 PM.
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Unread 01-18-10, 06:19 AM  
A Pyroguard Emberseer
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Re: I'm a little confused...

The difference from the Piccolo and the Drakesfire Epaulets may be rarity, though I agree that the scoring difference seems a bit extreme and I'll look into that. As for the Devilsaur Tooth - all that is being looked at is the +5 agility, the item level in comparison to yours, and its rarity. The bit about your pet isn't even considered.
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